The #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund 2022 for Black Creators, Artists and Songwriters/Producers | APPLY NOW

This is to inform the general public about the YouTubeBlack Voices Fund 2022 for Black Creators, Artists or Songwriters/Producers. Details about the Program are given below.

About The 2022 #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund

Last year, YouTube Creators launched the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, a multi-year commitment dedicated to spotlighting and growing Black creators and music on their platform, by giving them access to resources to help them thrive on YouTube.

History of the Program

In their first year, they welcomed 133 grantees hailing from the United States, Kenya, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, and Nigeria. This incredible group includes musicians, beauty entrepreneurs, comedians, activists, poets, personal trainers, teachers, parents, photographers, and more.


If selected, you’ll receive resources including:

  1. Dedicated support from a YouTube Partner Manager.
  2. Seed funding invested into the development of your content.
  3. Workshops and masterclasses throughout the year focused on cultivating new content ideas, video production skills, wellbeing, and more.
  4. Access to exclusive social and community programs.

Eligibility Requirements

  • If you identify as Black, are a member of the YouTube Partner Program (creators only), and are located in any of our eligible markets, then we’d love for you to apply.
  • Grants are currently being offered to Black creators, artists, and songwriters/producers in the following countries: Australia (Artists & Songwriters/Producers only), Brazil, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States.

Note: While the grant is not being offered in other markets at this time, we encourage creators to visit our and artists and songwriters/producers to visit to learn about all the resources currently available to you

How to Apply

If you identify as a Black creator, artist, or songwriter/producer, looking to further build your voice on YouTube and make an impact, they’d love for you to apply.

Click on this link to apply.

Application Deadline


Follow this link for more details about The #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund 2022.



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