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The Human Projects 30 Rights Textbook Project 2020 is here and looking forward to individuals who want to join them. They are in the process of creating a textbook for students in middle school and high school, to support them with the required information on the 30 universal human rights. This textbook would also come with stories of young changemakers working with the aim of achieving these human rights. The textbook would be published virtually on human projects and would be made available for free to everyone who wishes to make use of it.

About The Human Projects 30 Human Rights Textbook Project 2020

The Human Projects 30 Rights Textbook Project 2020 is aimed at empowering young leaders to solves issues relating to human rights. They believe that youth leadership is very vital to global human rights. They embody the potential for young people to bring about the transformation of communities and change the world.

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About the Human Project

The human Project is a supporting, youth-driven community focused on change. The organization is a global youth-run nonprofit, empowering young leaders to provide solutions to all issues concerning human rights in their own communities. They are dedicated to building a world where young people are recognized as vital stakeholders in global human rights.

They develop and implement programs that is aimed at empowering young people to solve human right issues in their communities. They also provide educational materials to classrooms from around the world. They believe in aiding solutions led by young living in the communities they serve. the Human right project works is mainly based on the following:

  • Exploring Human Rights
  • Young Human Rights Changemakers
  • Clubs
  • Learning her story
  • Standing Tall
  • Fellowship


They are basically focusing on featuring young current changemakers of age 25 and younger, and past young changemakers who are over 25 and have either founded or participated in an organization or project when they were young changemakers at the age of 25 or younger.

How to Apply

If you have been looking forward to the opportunity of being considered for an interview to be potentially featured in the textbook, you are expected to complete the form I would be giving you a link to below.  And as you complete the form, you are to include details on your work as a changemaker and how your work would relate to the 30 human rights.

Follow this link. to gain access to the Human Projects 30 Human Rights Textbook Project 2020 form.

Application Deadline

August 1, 2020.

Follow this link for more details about The Human Projects 30 Human Rights Textbook Project.

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