Tantifilm Website; Start Streaming Free Movies & TV Series in Italian

Tantifilm is a film streaming website that gives you access to stream thousands of movies and tv series all for free on your device. If you are one of those people that loves watching and streaming movies online them this is one website you should not overlook

Tantifilm; Start Streaming Free Film & TV Series in Italian

About the Tantifilm Website

Tantifilm like many others we have talked about is an Italian website and not that much info is available on the net. Though just by visiting the website you will in an instant know it is an Italian website.

Tantifilm is an Italian website that offers MOVIE, TV SERIES, TV SERIES UPDATES, REQUEST MOVIES / DMCA, and SUPPORT for their visiting users. One thing I like about this website is that you can simply request any kind of movie you want and it will be shown to You as soon as possible.

Another thing is that they regularly update their movies and tv series which is a win for us all. When you visit this site it will be shown to You in Italian. However, you use your web browser to translate it if you do not understand Italian just like me.

Tantifilm Categories

This website does not seem to be a big website, but that is not true because its category list seems to suggest otherwise. I have seen categories on other websites but they cant be compared to the one on this website. Meaning that Tantifilm has one of the best categories of movies you will even find for streaming or downloading. Below I have listed just a few of the categories for you:

  • Latest Movies Updated
  • 3D
  • At Cinema
  • HD AltaDefinizione
  • Altadefinizione TV series
  • Sub-ITA
  • Anime
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy Adventure
  • Biographical
  • Cartoons
  • Comic
  • Comedy
  • Documentaries
  • Dramatic
  • Erotic
  • Science fiction
  • Gangster
  • Yellow
  • Grotesque
  • War
  • Musical
  • Noir
  • Police
  • Horror
  • Romantic

As I have said earlier, the above list is just a few categories of what is going to get you excited and keep your interest in this amazing website.

The Search Feature

If you talk about search features then you should also talk about this website. In fact, this website is the only one that does not have movies on its home page. If you visit Tantifilm you will know what I am talking about. What you see on the home page is a search bar and a question asking you “What do you want to watch?”

As a result of this, you can either tap on movies or select series after using the search feature, so mind whatever you are input in the search option.

How to Download and Stream Movies on the Tanti Film Streaming Website

To stream or download movies from Tantifilm is very easy, all you have to do is follow the procedure below:

  • Head over to https://www.tantifilm.sbs/
  • Now tap on Movies or Tv series, you can also select any of the categories or use the search bar to find it.
  • Tap on the movies when you see them.
  • Finally, tap on Watch This Movie in Full HD or Download This Movie in Full HD

Tantifilm Film Streaming Alternative Websites

There are lots of other websites that are out there for streaming/watching or downloading film and TV series that is a great alternative to Tantifilm. I will be listing some of the best ones below for you to go and check out today:

Check Out;


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