State University and Private Universities in Imo State Nigeria; Which is Better

Have you been looking for where you will get the best comparison between the state vs. private university we have in Imo State? So, worry no more cause we will be bringing to you first-hand information about these schools ranging from their fees to many others.

Imo State vs Private University; Which is Better? Check!

What are they

These are universities, for the state we have Imo State University. However, for private we have Maranathan University, Hezekiah University, and Claretian University. And, they all have the common goal of producing future leaders.

What are State Universities?

State Universities are tertiary institutions which are funded by the state government. For instance, Imo State University (IMSU) is one of its kind. Also, they offer their students various degrees from BSc to PhD level.

What are Private Universities?

Private Universities are tertiary institutions funded by a private individual, an example is the Maranathan University in Imo State. Besides, there are some other privately owned universities in this State.

Difference Between State & Private Universities

The difference between state and private universities is their source of funding, private universities are funded by private individuals while state universities are funded by the state government.

NUC Ranking: State University vs Private University in Imo State

NUC ranking is a placement of universities done every year by the National University Commission. And, in this placement, universities get their ranking on several academic factors.

NUC Ranking of the State University in Imo State

As of 2023, the Imo State University got an NUC ranking of 41st  position. And, this is a good one because this makes it among the reputable universities we have in Nigeria.

NUC Ranking of the Private University in Imo State

Which has a Better NUC Ranking?

From the information above, we see that Imo State University has a better NUC ranking than the private universities in Imo State. So, the choice is definitely yours on which you want to attend.


Admission is greatly dependent on your scores in the jamb, each of these schools has a cut-off mark. And, below that they will not accept any students to study their choice of course. So make sure to score a very high mark in your Jamb and Waec examination.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the State University in Imo State

In Imo State University(IMSU), as of 2023, they released a general Jamb cut-off mark of 160 points. So, to secure admission for yourself you have to score above that mark to stand a chance to get your choice of course.

Jamb Cut-Off Mark of the Private University in Imo State

  • Maranathan University- 120 points
  • Hezekiah University- 160 points
  • Claretian University- 180 points

Which has a Higher Jamb Cut-Off Mark?

From the above, we see that the private university, Claretian University actually has the highest Jamb cut-off mark. So, it is still a choice of which to attend at Imo State


Diversity refers to the inclusion of individuals from many ethnic groups. And, ithe n these schools, irrespective of your ethnic group, you can gain admission to study any course of your choice.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the State University in Imo State

In Imo State University, the tribe that majorly attends the university is the Igbo tribe. However, this doesn’t mean there are no students from other tribes who attend this University.

What Tribe Majorly Attends the Private University in Imo State

  • Maranathan University- Igbo
  • Hezekiah University- Igbo
  • Claretian University- Igbo

Which has More Ethnic Group Mixture

The Imo State University has more mixture of ethnic groups, and this is mainly because of its larger population. And, this enables them to have different students from other parts of the country.

School Fees

School fees for these universities are to be paid online and the amount you are to pay per session depends on your department and course.

The School Fees of the State University in Imo State

The Imo State University, recently released school fees ranging from #100,000-#200,000 for an academic session.

The School Fees of the Private University in Imo State

  • Maranatha University- #440,000-#550,000
  • Hezekiah University- #342,000
  • Claretian University- #250,000-#300,000

Which is More Expensive?

After taking the average of the highest and lowest scores for both schools, we see that the private university in Imo State has a higher school fee than the state university in Imo State. And, out of them, Maranatha University has the highest.


However, hopefully, you find these facts regarding the private and state universities in Imo state useful when making your choice of university. Also, if you enjoyed reading this, be sure to check out our other write-ups relating to any school of your choice.

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