10 Awesome Sites to Download Songs Lyrics for Free this Year 2021 | No. 5’s the Best

Are you a music lover struggling to grasp the lyrics of your favourite songs or artists? Did you just listen to a beautiful song on the internet and you are looking for websites where you can download the lyrics of that song? Well, if that is the case, then we got you covered as we will be giving you the 10 Sites to Download Songs Lyrics for Free.

10 Awesome Sites to Download Songs Lyrics for Free this Year 2021 | No. 5's the Best

There is nothing as beautiful as reciting the lyrics of a song along with your favourite artists. The internet offers a lot of these websites for you as well as amazing services. With the title, artist, words, or more, you can search on the website and find the lyrics right there.  These websites have diverse features but each one of them will give you quality service and leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.

Best Websites to Download Song Lyrics

The best way to enjoy music the most is to know the lyrics and that is why we have taken out time to select the best sites to download the lyrics of the song and enable you to sing along with your favourite artist.

1. AZLyrics

This is a fantastic place for you to get the lyrics of songs. This site has a database that features over 300,000 lyrics from more than 7,000 artists. The website also has an incredible interface that makes searching lyrics super fast. The song lyrics are alphabetically arranged by the artist’s name.

The search engine of the website features song lyrics that are sorted by discography, album, pictures, video, and concerts.  The website also comes with a lot of intrusive ads which can be a disadvantage.

Click on this link to visit AZLyrics

2. LyricsMode

This website has a simple layout and a homepage that features newly added songs. It concentrates more on newly released and currently popular tracks. The website boasts of over 70,000 lyrics from 20 artists. The website has outstanding performance when searching current hits, and features a link to song snippets and videos. A disadvantage of the website may be that its community submitted lyrics may contain errors.

Click on this link to visit LyricsMode

3. Genius

Genius.com is a crowdsourced lyrics site that offers tons of music-related stuff. The website possesses music-related news, music releases, and in-depth information about albums and their artists. Lyrics on the website can be translated into various languages and the site also claims to have the biggest collection of lyrics. The source of the lyrics found on this website is usually not defined.

Click on this link to visit Genius

4. Lyrics Planet

This website was established in 2000 and has managed to collect thousands of lyrics, classic inclusive. The website is clean and easy to use and features the latest trending songs. The white-hued font and the black background make the website easily readable at night with lights turned off.

The website also has an enormous database that won’t leave you disappointed when searching for song lyrics. Although, it might be difficult to find current songs at times.

Click on this link to visit Lyrics Planet

5. Musixmatch

This is another amazing website that will enable you to find the lyrics of a song by title, artist, or words. The site has a top lyrics page that highlights the most searched song lyrics. The site comes with translation options, users of the site can also edit existing lyrics. The website supports embedding and sharing of lyrics.

Another feature of the site is that there is a section for newly added lyrics and a genre list and the site also features intrusive ads.

Click on this link to visit Musixmatch

6. MetroLyrics

This website is popular for having the most expansive database of legal lyrics of over 700,000 titles and is the most famous song lyrics platform globally. The song lyrics platform offers the best coverage of current hits and boasts of a minimalist design which makes reading relatively easy.

Users are allowed to share favourite tracks with friends using the social share feature, and the site gives additional information such as the upcoming hot releases. The website has a fair coverage of classic titles as well. Though, it can be difficult to search for lyrics by artist name.

Click on this link to visit MetroLyrics

7. Lyrics.com

Lyrics.com has an extensive library of songs that are presented in a clean and crispy designed website. The lyrics the website provides are available in bold text and also video form. the platform also provides additional information like new releases, and the most popular songs at the moment atop the lyrics.

The website has a sturdy search bar that allows users to search for favourite lyrics by lyrics, artists, and melodies, and users can also share songs with friends. Anyone can submit lyrics to the website as well, although the website can be a little cluttered due to the extra information it gives.

Click on this link to visit Lyrics.com

8. LetsSingIt

This website provides music of all types for users. The website has a search bar on top of the homepage that allows you to get instant lyrics by typing the name of the song. The website has an embedded YouTube video that makes it outstanding from others.

Additional information is also added to the lyrics like artist news, biographies, pictures, etc. The website allows its users to explore the most popular songs, although it can be very hard to find results when searching by lyrics.

Click on this link to visit LetsSingIt


This website is a very good place to search for songs text, lyrics, ringtones for any movie, motion picture, Disney cartoon, Tv-series, musical, video games, and so on. You can browse them by the soundtrack title or search them by any title. The website features the best soundtrack lyrics and also popular lyrics.

Click on this link to visit STLyrics

10. TopBestLyrics

This is another amazing website where you can get song lyrics. This website has a  clean design that makes it good for searching song lyrics. The website features a huge collection of lyrics, the database of the website contains 220138 from 17012 artists. The collection keeps growing daily.

These are the best sites to help you download song lyrics, so you do not have to stress yourself anymore by thinking about the websites. We have done that for you already, so all you need to do is pick any from here and go ahead to learn the lyrics of your favourite songs.

Click on this link to visit TopBestLyrics


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