7 of the Best Sites Like TFPDL to Download Movies & TV Series | No. 3’s Top Notch

When you are looking for amazing sites to download movies from, TFPDL should be your number one choice because it offers a lot all for free when it comes to movie downloads. But what if you have tried to use the platform, and you are having problems downloading, or probably, you certainly cannot download an old movie because the link is no longer available then this content has the solution you are looking for. Below, I would be giving you 7 sites that are like TFPDL and offers you what TFPDL would offer you.

7 of the Best Sites Like TFPDL to Download Movies & TV Series | No. 3's Top Notch

Features of TFPDL

Like I previously stated, TFPDL offers a lot, and if you go through the site very well, you would discover that the site offers far more than just movies for download. Below, I would be stating for you the main features of TFPDL, and what the site offers.

  • The site offers Unlimited movies and TV shows for download, most of which are recently released movies.
  • The site has a collection of hundreds of movies from different countries of the world, of which Hindi, Bollywood, anime, and more are among.
  • TFPDL arranges its content based on categories, making it easier to locate the kind of movie you want to download. The categories include; Latest Movies and series, Oscar Favorites, Complete seasons, top television shows, Anime and features films.
  • TFPDL offers Movies for download at amazing qualities. They include 480p, 1080p, 720p and more.
  • The site even offers PC game and software for download.

7 Sites Like TFPDL

Now to the main point of the content, 7 sites like TFPDL. TFPDL is great, but if you want to try out other great platforms, then check below for the other sites the offers the same services as TFPDL. They include:

1. Crackle

This platform is a free streaming service from Sony Pictures. The site has a lot of movies, TV shows, and Original Programming.  All the movies you would find on the site are all in HD. The site offers movies in different Genres like action, comedy, drama, crime, horror, sci-fi, and cartoon.

Open this link to visit the platform.

2. Tubi

The site is another totally free streaming platform made by Fox. The platform comes in form of an app for several Operating systems, of which Android is included. There are thousands of amazing movies and TV shows that you can stream online on this platform.

Open this link to visit the platform.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is a free service for watching movies, TV shows, and viral videos. The site has full-length films and most-watched television series from all available genres. They also offer documentaries, original web series and Foreign films to all their users.

Open this link to visit the platform.

4. Movie4k.to

This is one of the best User-generated video search Engines that you would find on the web. The platform has a lot of amazing TV programmes and films from different part of the world. You can make use of it to search for the movies of your choice, anime or even television show, and you would receive a direct link to watch it.

Open this link to visit the platform.

5. SeeHD

The site offers varieties of movies and TV shows from different countries across the world. It arranges its videos by the genre, release year, region and popularity. The site offers you the option of searching Tv series, movies, or cartoon programmes.

Open this link to visit the platform.

6. FMovies

This site is a top Website for Watching free HD movies, television shows, Anime and more. Like the other sites on this list, you can watch movies created in different countries.

Open this link to visit the platform.

7. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema happens to be one of the best websites available for watching free movies of all genres. The site also has a collection of TV and series, classics, short films and fan films.

Open this link to visit the platform.


These are 7 sites that offer similar services as TFPDL. These sites offer a lot of amazing things that TFPDL offers you. So, it’s left for you to try all of them out and stick to the one you like. But one thing for sure is that they are all dependable platforms that you can use to get quality movies or tv shows.



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