11 of the Best Sites for Free Access to Online Education in 2021 | No. 9’s the Best

Education’s the best legacy! we have heard that phrase countless times. Most people don’t want to go through the traditional way of getting educated. The internet has a lot to offer including education websites to save you the stress of the traditional method of going to classes. Today we have handpicked for you 11 of the Best Sites for Free Online Education.

11 of the Best Sites for Free Access to Online Education in 2021 | No. 9's the Best

There are lots of online education websites available that offer academic courses for online students and the best thing about these sites is that they are free. With the help of these websites, you can learn courses in a comfortable place, even from your home. You can study a specific subject with little investment.

Note: These websites offer courses that top universities offer as well, they also provide lots of video, audio, articles, and e-books to help increase your knowledge.

Best Sites for Free Online Education

Below are the best websites for free online education. These platforms will enable you to learn the best of the best free online courses.

1. Open Culture

Open culture is an amazing website that you can use for your online schooling. The platform’s subject materials are available in audio, video, and also ebooks. This platform highlights 1000 lectures, podcasts, and videos from universities around the world.

This site has a lot of materials that you can find only on university’s private sites and they are all in easy to browse category. It features courses from Australia, England, and lots of state universities around the USA.

Click on this link to visit Open Culture

2. iTunes U Free Courses

This platform integrates seamlessly with any iPod or Apple smartphone. Users can download the iTunes U app on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You can search for learning materials in many different ways including topic and genre.

The courses on this site contain content and videos. It offers a wide variety of subjects. The site also enables you to get a job that you have an interest in.

Click on this link to visit iTunes U

3. Code

Code is another free online education website. Code offers online education classes on a wide variety of technology-related topics including robotics, app writing, and JavaScript. This site offers high-quality courses and also features learning options for kids. Most of the courses on this website are geared in a way that they can be useful in a classroom setting.

Click on this link to visit Code

4. BBC Podcasts

The BBC Podcasts offer a wide variety of podcasts on lots of different topics. Most of the Podcasts are updated weekly and focus on everything ranging from sports to finance to current events.

There are also many in different languages through the World Service line of Podcasts. The concentration of these podcasts is theory-based and less in-depth, which the average person can access.

Click on this link to visit BBC Podcasts

5. TED-Ed

This platform offers free online classes for adults. Materials of this site can be used by people of all age groups. The Educators of TED-Ed can customize lessons, teachers can also share lessons with students online and track the results. This website features a program that allows you to talk and share ideas.

Most of the videos on this site include animation. This site is extremely useful in informal education settings, and it also has very entertaining ways to brush up on new topics and discoveries.

Click on this link to visit TED-Ed

6. Memrise

This site is super impressive and it offers easy use and convenience. If you want to or you are studying a language, this website is a very powerful tool and it is available as an app and also on the desktop.

This site also integrates games into its learning materials making your learning very enjoyable. The site also includes lots of other topics although some of the course materials are content generated by users.

Click on this link to visit Memrise

7. Whyville

Whyville offers free online education for kids. This site has a variety of social features, and it focuses on learning materials for young teens. To make the site very balanced for kids too old for simple games but too young for heavy reading materials, the site features educational games.

Click on this link to visit Whyville

8. Canvas Network

This site offers various courses from leading universities. This site is available to all learners around the globe. Teaching and learning are much easier with the learning management system provided by the site.

Faculty and student get success in the modern learning environment with the help of the Canvas. Once the course is started, you can access available material on this site.

Click on this link to visit Canvas Network

9. Open Edu

This is a website for learning from the open university. Various materials and opinions of experts are provided on this platform. The website also offers free digital publication of high-quality educational material.

Subjects like business, money, education, sports, and development are also included. The site has more than 900 short courses, quizzes, articles, audios, and videos. It helps you to explore new topics and to increase your personal knowledge.

Click on this link to visit Open Edu

10. Codecademy

This website is specifically dedicated to teaching coding. Codecademy includes a live practice window. This goes a long way to say that while practising coding, you can still view the lesson material.

The platform is very organized and the courses are well written and easy to follow. You can monitor your progress through the feature of a centralized dashboard and also organize lessons into complete modules. With this, you can actually learn an entire language without needing to pick the next course manually.

Click on this link to visit Codecademy

11. Coursera

This is a free learning site that offers MOOCs courses from popular universities. Courses in Coursera contain pre-recorded video lectures that you can watch whenever it is convenient for you.

This site has programs with universities that will let you get a master’s degree or specializations. You can also explore various college courses with no stress. Courses accredited on this site are designed by leading universities.

Click on this link to visit Coursera

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