Top 10 Best Side Jobs for Nigerian Undergraduates to Make Money in 2020 | CHECK NOW

Hey guys! Today we’re going to be talking about the top ten side jobs for undergraduates. There are a lot of jobs out there that undergraduates can do to earn themselves cash to take care of their needs. There are some important factors that need to be considered which include the location of the student, schedule of the student, career relevance if needed and also the related experience of the job.

Top 10 Best Side Jobs for Nigerian Undergraduates to Make Money in 2020 | CHECK NOW

As common among most undergraduates, allowances released from home is never really enough as there are a lot of other things that need to be done apart from the basic needs that come up from time to time. So if you find yourself in this category, you can check through the top ten side jobs for undergraduates we’ll be sharing with you in this article.

One of the major reasons we’re giving out the top ten side jobs for undergraduates is for them to choose a job wisely and also to be able to manage time without any negative effect on their academic results. As we all know, an undergraduate does not have any official certificate yet to search for jobs but there are a lot of other jobs that pay well without needing any certificate.

Top Ten Side Jobs for Nigerian Undergraduates to Do

There are lots of side jobs available for undergraduates to make other means of living asides their allowances from home but we’ll be sharing the top 10 side jobs for undergraduates below:

  • GRAPHIC DESIGNING: If you’re very good at designing, you can earn a lot by making use of Adobe Photoshop and illustrator.
  • BLOGGING: Creating attractive contents for businesses online can earn you money.
  • ARTISAN: If you’re skilled in any particular craft or you have a useful talent, this is a way to earn money, you can earn money in exchange for your good and services as a student.
  • LIBRARY ASSISTANT: This is a good job for an undergraduate because asides the money you’ll be earning, there is also full access to the library to read at any time you want, so it improves your academic results at the same time.
  • FREELANCE: Upwork and Fiverr are sites where an undergraduate can put their writing skills to good use by writing different kinds of articles and getting paid.
  • AFTER SCHOOL TUTORIAL: There are lots of students in the school who surely have a challenge understanding one course or the other, creating some time after school period to teach these sets of students stating the amount each student are to pay for the tutorial is a certain way of earning money while being an undergraduate.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: If you’re an undergraduate and you have a skill in photography, you can actually earn a lot because most undergraduates have photoshoots for their birthdays almost all the time.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: If you spend a lot of time on social media, you can actually earn through that by managing social media account for businesses.
  • LIFEGUARD: There are pools located around most schools for relaxation, if you’re good at swimming, trained and certified, you can earn your cool cash by ensuring people’s safety and also having a great time altogether.
  • RESTAURANT SERVER (WAITER): You can work as a server after school hours and get paid for your services.

Undergraduates can do any of the top ten side jobs for undergraduates listed above to make money and be financially independent.


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