Said Business School Skoll Scholarship 2020 (Fully Funded) | APPLY NOW

The Said Business School Skoll Scholarship 2020 is now open to interested candidates who are looking forward to applying. The Skoll is recognized to be a competitive scholarship available to incoming applicants to Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, who are chasing a degree in entrepreneurial solutions for urgent and environmental challenges. This scholarship goes as far as covering the full course fees for the MBA programme, as well as the partial living expenses of minimum an additional £14,985.

Said Business School Skoll Scholarship 2020 (Fully Funded) | APPLY NOW

About the Said Business School Skoll Scholarship 2020

This scholarship was designed with the aim of making provision of funds for entrepreneurs who have set up or have taken up jobs in entrepreneurial initiatives with a social purpose or who have been chasing an impact career and is looking forward to improving their knowledge of market-oriented practices so they can work more effectively in their subsequent social change pursuits.

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This scholarship is being offered in recognition that the MBA may stand in a significant financial burden, mainly for those who have been selected to work in the social impact/innovation space, rather than the purely commercial or public sectors. It offers full funding in addition, in addition, a living stipend to complete an MBA at the University of Oxford’s Said business school.

Details of the Award

Countries eligible for the Award: International

Award Type: MBA, Management Studies in Social Entrepreneurship

Value of the Scholarship:

  • The skoll scholarship would be covering the full costs of tuition and college fees for the MBA programme at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. This scholarship also extends its coverage to partial living expenses.
  • This scholarship offers access to the skoll scholar community, a group of leaders who are impacting the world positively through innovation and systems change, as well as exclusive opportunities to meet the world-renowned entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors.

The number of scholarships: nothing more than five scholarship is being offered yearly.


For a candidate to be eligible for the Said Business School Skoll Scholarship 2020, they are expected to meet the eligibility criteria. They include:

  • The applicants are expected to participate in the GMAT test for entry to Oxford’s MBA programme.
  • Any applicant whose first language happens to not be English, or did not studied at a university with English as their official language are required to take a TOEFL or IELTS tests.
  • The applicant is expected to show evidence proof of the need for financial support
  • The applicant is expected to have preferably spent a minimum of three years either
  • Beginning and developing a social venture
  • Leading a major expansion of existing social venture or participating in a programme that is within an organization or
  • Or chasing positive change as an impact career professional, i.e. someone who has made use of entrepreneurial approaches in other to address the same social/environmental issue, with an understandable thread that unites his/her work.

How to Apply

For you to apply for the Said Business School Skoll Scholarship 2020, first you are required to apply and must be accepted into the business school’s MBA program. For you to be considered formally for a Skoll scholarship, you are required to state why you are interested in the “scholarship” section of the MBA application form. You can do this by just checking the box right next to “Skoll”.

Application Deadline

8th January 2021.

For more details about the award, visit this link.

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