13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Osun State Nigeria

Add romance to your marriage by taking your wife to a romantic place in Nigeria and one of those places is Osun State. The state has wonderful tourist attractions and places where you can take your wife so that both of you can spend quality time together. If you leave in the state and don’t really know where to take your wife, this article has got it covered.

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Osun State Nigeria

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Osun State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your wife to in Osun State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Zenababs Half Moon Resolt

This resort is a site to see, it has a great landscape. The place is a great recreation centre and it would be a great getaway spot for you and your wife. You can take your wife there for a romantic time and have fun swimming and taking pictures

2. Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove

Now, this is a historical site and the sacred grove is surrounded by vegetation. It is located along the banks of the Osun river in Osun Osogbo local government. The grove is several centuries old and it is a place of history.

3. MicCom Golf Hotel & Resort Can be One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Osun State

This hotel and resort are located in Ada, Ibokun road, Osun State and it is a great place to spend a romantic time with your wife. The resort has been around since 1928 and it is quite notable as a leisure and golfing establishment.

4. Obatala Centre for Creative Arts

When visiting the obatala centre for creative arts it will as feel like you have gone back in time. The place is filled with the rich culture of the Yoruba people. The centre features numerous art pieces and artefacts that date back centuries.

5. National Gallery of Art Oshogbo

This gallery is located in Oshogbo City Hall, Oke Fia Road, Olonkoro, Oshogbo. The gallery of art has a lot of historical artefacts and instruments. Once in the gallery, you will get to learn about the importance of said artefacts in history.

6. Nike Centre for Art and Culture Can be Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Osun State

This is a place that is filled with texture arts, paintings, and sculptures. You will also find dancers and drummers in the Nike centre for art and culture. The address of this centre is old Ede road, Osogbo and you can have a fun time with your wife.

7. Ostrich Bakery

This is a place you can take your wife to visit for a romantic time between the two of you and it is located at Olonkoro Road, Ajegunle, Olorunda. The bakery sells all kinds of pastries and your wife would love it if she has a sweet tooth.

8. Orisunbare Shopping Complex

Take your wife to have a romantic time in this shopping complex where she can buy whatever she wants under one building and she can purchase groceries, clothes, food etc. You can find this shopping complex opposite railway, Gbongan – Oshogbo road.

9. Ibodi Monkey Reserve Can be One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Osun State

This is a place that you and your wife are going to find fun and full of surprises. The monkey reserve is located in the west local government of the state and is also called Igbo Edun by the natives of the area. The forest houses monkeys and they have a history with the place.

10. Erin Ijesha Waterfall

This waterfall is also known as Olumirin Waterfalls. This waterfall is a place that you and your wife will find fascinating. It is a great destination where you and your wife can have fun waterfall chasing, hiking and camping.

11. Vrpark Nigeria

This wonderful virtual reality park is located in Osun state Nigeria is a fun place to be. The place is filled with games and attractions that you and your wife will find yourselves enjoying. The place also has a Jacuzzi and many more.

12. The Ooni Palace Can be Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Osun State

This is a sight to see and as the name implies this is the ancestral home of the king of Ile-Ife, the walls of this palace have history and a story to tell. The place is quite overwhelming.

13. National Museum Ile Ife

This is another place that you should visit with your wife. The museum is actually located in the palace of the Ooni. So you can kill two birds with one stone, get to see the palace and also see the museum. By visiting the museum you get to understand the people and their cultures.


Some of these places are tourist sites where you get to learn more about the history of this state, while others are places where you can get good food, relax, go for a swim and have fun together.

f you already live in the state you might already be familiar with some of these places but if you do not you can simply join a tour bus, which will take you to some of the hot spots.

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