13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Kogi State Nigeria

There are many places in Kogi State where you may travel with your wife and spend a romantic time outside of your regular work schedule and routine. One component of it is that you need some alone time with your wife. The other factor is choosing the locations that are perfect for you and your wife.

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Kogi State Nigeria

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Kogi State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your wife to in Kogi State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Bigg Brother’s is One Of Those Romantic Places To Take Your Wife In Kogi State 

The hotel Bigg Brother has a wonderful restaurant. Bigg Brother’s is safe since it is situated across from the Lokoja 1st Nigeria Army Barracks Gate. They cook so many nice delicacies which makes it suitable for a romantic outing with your wife.

2. Fragrant Spice is One Of Those Romantic Places To Take Your Wife In Kogi State 

Fragrant Spice has certain aesthetic elements because to its well-designed and incredibly comfortable chairs.  The interior design is tastefully done and expertly executed. The structure is spacious and ventilated, there are televisions practically everywhere that are set to entertainment channels so that you may enjoy yourself while eating.
Additionally, their waiters are quite cordial and efficient. Additionally, it makes it one of the ideal locations for a romantic date with your wife.

3. Treasures is One Of Those Romantic Places To Take Your Wife In Kogi State 

This restaurant is a fantastic choice if you want to reward yourself after your dinner. There is a division for meals and one for sweets.
The restaurant has good lighting and air conditioning. They always have access to warm meals and cool drinks since their power source is consistent.

4. Edgedrive

Inside of this hotel is a restaurant with air conditioning. Some of the top eateries in Kogi are located nearby, including the Government House, GRA, and Lokoja. This area is safe and tranquil. Additionally, there is a 24-hour power source that powers the restaurant’s lighting and air conditioning throughout the day. Additionally, it makes it one of the ideal locations for a romantic date with your wife.

5. Karomsi Garden

The hotel where this restaurant is housed is at Off Ganaja Junction, PO Box 306. This location, where the nightlife in the confluence city is the busiest, is located in the centre of the city. Additionally, it makes it one of the ideal locations for a romantic date with your wife.

6. Bluebell is One Of Those Romantic Places To Take Your Wife In Kogi State 

The on-site restaurant at Bluebell serves a selection of Nigerian and continental cuisine as well as fine dining. There are napkins and cutlery on each table so you may pick the right one for your lunch. This motel can be found in Beach Community, Ganaja Road, Honorable Yusuf Avenue, Lokoja, Kogi. The Kogi State Government House (0.9 mile), Barbie Supermarket (1.5 km), and Ikoyi Market are all fairly close by

7. The Gruve

n terms of design, The Gruve is undoubtedly one of Kogi, lokoja’s top eateries. Visually, everything complements one another.
Particularly in the evening and at night, the restaurant’s dark lighting contributes to its romantic atmosphere.

On the campus of Kogi State University, the restaurant is located in a peaceful place. Additionally, it makes it one of the ideal locations for a romantic date with your wife.

8. Sharwama & Grills

The food is reasonably priced here. In addition to being one of the greatest places in Kogi to eat pastries, Sharwama & Grills is also among the most reasonably priced.

They have won accolades for their excellent customer service, and their dishes are of a higher calibre than those at the nearby fast food joints in New Chucks Shopping Mall. Additionally, it makes it one of the ideal locations for a romantic date with your wife.

9. Angie’s Place

Here, you may buy cakes, waffles, and ice cream. It’s one of the top locations for purchasing confections in Aliu Attah Road Township/G.R.A. It’s a really quiet, restrained place. The atmosphere at Angie’s home is the same.

10. Skye-Bridge

The hotel Skye-Bridge has an unusual restaurant on the premises. You can receive freshly prepared Chinese food at one of the top restaurants in Kogi. If you stay at the hotel, you can also have a daily continental breakfast.

11. Late Atta of Ebira Palace.

This is one nice hotel to be in with your wife because it is named after the late atta of ebira palace making t one nice place to be with your wife in Kogi sate.

12. Nike Art Gallery, Guesthouse & Workshop

This one Art Gallery that also has a guest house and it will be a plus if ur wife ]is a lover of art and craft so try this place out.  So Additionally, it makes it one of the ideal locations for a romantic date with your wife.

13. Chucks Shopping Mall (Lokoja) is One Of Those Romantic Places To Take Your Wife In Kogi State 

located at RP2V+CPV, A233, 260101, Lokoja, Kogi is one shopping mall where you can spend quality time with your wife. Here you can get so many things for your wife and you can also take her there for sightseeing too.

Take Away on 13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Kogi State Nigeria

Any wife husband who finds himself in Kogi State should definitely visit the areas I named above with his wife. They are enjoyable, romantic and inexpensive. A visit to one of these locations is a must before departing Kogi State.

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