13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Imo State Nigeria

Imo State is in the eastern region of Nigeria, known for its fascinating entertainment activities as it has a lot of hotels, casinos, nightclubs and the like. And despite the state’s love for nightlife, it also houses quite an interesting number of Romantic Places to take your Wife whenever you’re in Imo state.

Imo Wife Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Imo State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your Wife to in Imo State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Owerri Amusement Park

You can’t take your Wife to this Place and she’ll come back sad. Owerri park is fun packed, with a lot of recreation facilities for everyone of any age, we’re certain she’ll have a nice time.

2. The Hive Outdoor

An outside pool and dining resort that is an extension of the hive food court. It’s a place that provides the finest dining and relaxation experience for its guests. It’s also a very Romantic Place to take your Wife on a dinner date in Imo state.

3. Dolphins Cinema is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Imo State

You can’t be sorting out a Romantic Place to take your Wife in Imo state for a movie and skip Dolphins cinema. All kinds of movies are shown there, from comics, horror, action thrillers and many others. You just have to plan well and pick the right day to show a movie you’re sure she’ll like.

4. Tropical Bar and Restaurant

This place has a reputation that cannot be ignored. With its unique environment, they serve the best fresh palm wine, pepper soup, ofada rice and other local dishes at affordable prices. Your Wife might not care so much for local dishes but take her for a Romantic date to a tropical bar and restaurant in Imo state, and this Place will definitely change her mind.

5. Mimi Place

If you’re looking for a spacious Romantic hangout spot with well-prepared intercontinental and local dishes to take your Wife to while in Imo state, you’ve just found it. Mimi’s place is a great place to enjoy all sorts of drinks too, especially in the evenings. They also have VIP sections, an outdoor bar, a viewing lounge and a live entertainment stage.

6. JJ Mas Hotel is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Imo State

Located in a serene part of Owerri popularly referred to as New Owerri by the residents is this 5-star hotel, most frequented by people with deep pockets and a liking for beautiful places for Romantic getaways. Your Wife will be nothing but wowed by this

7. The Hive

The Hive is one of the Romantic Places to take your Wife to in the Imo state on your free days because the place is so cosy, you could end up spending the whole day there. They have a karaoke section, VIP lounge and cafe and their customer service are quite impressive.

8. Chukas Place and Restaurant Bar

This place will definitely exceed your Wife’s expectations, and we would’ve loved to give you all the details, but it’s better experienced. Chukas place does a good job of serving its guests well-prepared local dishes and different drinks at good prices. It’s also a nice place to meet new people.

9. Mbari Kitchen is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Imo State

A cosy and Romantic Place to take your Wife in this state with a live band, good security and an added edge that’ll blow her mind, they serve freshly prepared local dishes. Wherever you decide to take your Wife, don’t miss this place.

10. Hungry Man Restaurant

Your Wife needs to rate this place in Imo state. Hungry man Restaurant will give her stomach butterflies, they serve really nice local dishes. Living up its name, this place promises to take care of the hungry man.

11. Owerri Zoo

If your Wife is an animal lover, she’ll like Owerri zoo, in Imo state. It’s a small zoo, with animals like monkeys, ostriches, lions, crocodiles and snakes and interestingly they also have a museum for the preservation of animal history.

12. Oguta Lake is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Imo State

The peaceful environment and the beautiful natural view of Oguta lake cannot be replaced with any other Romantic Place you take your Wife in this state. And she can always come back here for hangouts, picnics or to chill and relax alone.

13. Owerri Mall

Owerri mall houses a lot of recreational and entertainment facilities. It has a lot of food courts and stores for shopping, and of course, there’s ShopRite and the Genesis deluxe cinemas. Your Wife will definitely enjoy a Romantic date at this Place in Imo state.


In conclusion, this article has all the Romantic Places that’ll give your Wife an experience she’ll cherish and look forward to recreating if she ever finds herself in Imo state. And we’re certain she’ll be really happy with you and your choice.

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