13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State Nigeria

A beautiful state in the Northern part of Nigeria, that has earned a reputation for its wildlife preservation schemes. Bauchi State has the most amazing Romantic Places to take your Wife in the country with or without a budget. This post will bring some Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State.

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State Nigeria

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your Wife to in Bauchi State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. Mbulu Hills

Among the numerous hills in Bauchi State, Mbulu Hills, located  In the Dass local government area stands out as the most ideal one for mountain climbers and hikers. The hill is also a beautiful and Romantic Place to take your Wife in Bauchi State

2. Lame Burra Game Reserve

This game reserve has a very beautiful green environment. You can take your Wife so she could enjoy the cool breeze at any time of the year, and any time of the day except at night for safety reasons.

3. Pizza Heaven is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State

Pizza Heaven serves the best pizza and shawarma in town, added to that they also serve natural drinks with different flavours. And your satisfaction is their top priority.

4. Let’s Dine with Saje

Talking about yummy and tasty meals, Saje totally covers that one. A place with a lovely ambience, good customer service and friendly people around, everyone will like to spend time in such a place. It’s also one Romantic Place you can’t pass on taking your Wife to dine in Bauchi State.

5. Unity Park

This place is totally awesome, you can’t be in Bauchi State and not take your Wife on a Romantic getaway to this place. She can have all the fun she wants in one place as Unity Park also houses an open theatre, a shopping mall and an indoor sports hall.

6. Aroma Restaurant is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State

A good meal in a calm and beautiful environment might just be all your Wife needs, and the aroma of the deliciously prepared meals in this restaurant is irresistible. Take her there for lunch or dinner, and make sure she has a nice time.

7. Shehu Azare Park

Shehu Azare Park is an interesting place to visit and also a Romantic Place to take your Wife to in Bauchi State. And the most interesting thing about this park is, you can choose your activity, like having a picnic, reading a book under a tree, relaxing on a bench or sightseeing.

8. Gubi Lake

Gubi Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Bauchi State. Activities like canoeing, picnicking, camping and others are carried out there. The beautiful scenic view of this makes it a very good place to take your Wife whenever you’re in Bauchi State.

9. Bimzy Kitchen is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State

Bimzy Kitchen is a fast food restaurant that serves anything creamy, soft and tasty. There are also options for takeout and orders, but a dine-in with your Wife will give you a whole wonderful experience, their customer service is great and the ambience is lovely too.

10. Sumu Wildlife

Samu Wildlife is one of the tourist sites developed by the government to improve tourism, leisure and the state’s economy. This place houses lodges and restaurants that are functional for tourists, making it the perfect spot for wildlife lovers on vacation or break.

The giraffes and zebras in Samu Wildlife are a sight better experienced, make it a date with your Wife.

11. Wikki Warm Springs

Wikki Spring is one of the four springs in Yankari National Park that has earned a mention of its own. And interestingly the temperature of the water remains 31° all year round. This natural spring is one Romantic Place you can take your Wife to Bauchi for good deep.

12. Havilah Ice Cream is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Bauchi State

Havilah has earned the reputation of the best ice cream spot in Bauchi State, and if your Wife loves ice cream, she’ll be wowed by this place. They’ve different toppings and all the flavours that will make her stomach dance. And the best time to visit Havilah is in the evenings.

13. Yankari National Park and Game Reserve

Well, we decided to save the best for the last. Yankari houses all the Places you can take your Wife to in Bauchi State. It has the Yankari restaurant, wikki warm spring, fish ponds, Marshall caves and a variety of animals like the African buffalo, palas monkeys, olive baboons, roan gazelle, leopard, crocodiles, hippopotamus and a lot of others.

This place will blow your mind. Next time you’re in Bauchi, visit the place with your Wife for an exhilarating experience.


In conclusion, you can’t run out of Romantic Places to take your Wife to Bauchi State with this guide, she can have all the fun, entertainment and relaxation experiences she’s always wanted to have.

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