13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Anambra State Nigeria

Do you live in Anambra State, Nigeria and are you aware that there are romantic places you can take your wife to there during the holiday season? You can visit the state if you do not live in it, for a short vacation and experience what this state has to offer to your romantic life. You can stay in amazing hotels and visit several beaches in the state.

Anambra Wife Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Anambra State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your wife to in Anambra State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. BON Hotel Smith City Akwa

This hotel is located in the capital city of Anambra state, the hotel is an ideal place to spend with your wife and it provides deluxe and executive rooms. It also has a presidential apartment with three rooms. The hotel provides a swimming pool, restaurant, room service, gym, indoor and outdoor bar open 24 hours a day and two conference rooms.

2. Vertex-view Hotel & Suites

This hotel also has a swimming pool, gym, and bar and provides deluxe, executive and presidential rooms. The hotel is well known for its visuals and it is located at a serene area of Nibo, Akwa the capital of Anambra state.

3. Hilton Leisure Resort & Hotel Limited is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Anambra State

This resort and hotel are located in Akwa, it provides restaurant and accommodation services, and it also has a garden and terrace feature. The hotel also offers a buffet breakfast daily, you can also enjoy its indoor pools and place table tennis at the hotel.

4. Cold Stone Creamery

If your wife is a fan of ice cream you can take her to see the cold stone creamery at Anambra, the creamery is located in Akwa, along the Onitsha Enugu expressway. At the creamery, you get to see and enjoy the process of making different flavours of ice cream.

5. Fro Restaurant and Lounge

This is an intercontinental restaurant and lounge. At the restaurant, you can try out different intercontinental dishes enjoy your meal in the lounge with your wife or sit at the restaurant. The restaurant is located at Akwa North, Anambra state.

6. FastChow is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Anambra State

The restaurant provides international dishes which include Asian delicacies. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, brunch, and late night and also provides drinks. It also has a delivery service so you can have it delivered to your hotel or accommodations.

7. Pools & Beaches

This beach is a sand beach, you can take your wife there to enjoy a relaxing evening or feel the ocean breeze in the afternoon. You can enjoy a picnic with your wife there and have fun visiting the local shops around the area.

8. Roban Stores

Ronan store is a one-stop retail shop which means they sell basically everything from clothes, choose, groceries and many others. You can take your wife shopping there, they also have a hair salon so, she can get her done after shopping.

9. Kenneth Onwuka Dike Park in Awka is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Anambra State

The park is named after Prof. Kenneth Onwuka Dike who was the first African professor of History and the first Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan. You can visit the park and have fun at the park and also partake in various activities.

10. Nkisi Boat Yard Near the River Niger in Onitsha

At the Nkisi boatyard, you can go on a romantic boat ride with just you and your wife around the river Niger. You can also visit the local shops close to the place and get souvenirs for family and friends.

11. Mamu Forest Reserve in Orumba North Local Government Area

Boat the Mamu forest reserve and learn more about the terrain, the trees, and vegetation of the area and also see the wildlife that lives in the forest reserve. Enjoy nature with your wife and have fun together.

12. Otuocha Sand Beach in Anambra East Local Government Area

Visit the Otuocha say d beach in Anambra state and have fun playing in the sand with your wife, still along the shores of the beach holding hands, buy and enjoy the local delicacies. Take pictures and buy gifts.

13. Rojenny Tourist Village Oba, Idemili Local Government Area is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Wife in Anambra State

This is a tourism resort that is located in the serene village of Oba, it has a massive expanse of land, gigantic structures in the command, a long stretch of trees and an amazing view, this a perfect romantic spot if your wife is a lover of nature.

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