13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Yobe State Nigeria

Located in the North-East part of Nigeria, Yobe is one of the agricultural states in Nigeria, and it has a lot of romantic places that you can take your husband to. The rich culture and traditions of the Yobe people are definitely one of the things that you and your husband will find interesting while in Yobe state.

Yobe Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Yobe State Nigeria

Interested in checking out some romantic places that you and your husband can visit in Yobe state? Keep scrolling, I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you.

1.Bula Tura Oases, Nguru

Firstly, we have the Bula Tura Oases. It is a sand dune in a semi-desert zone near Nguru. The scenic beauty of the landscape makes it one of the most romantic places to take your husband to in Yobe state.

2. Goya Valley

Next, we have the Goya Valley. It’s one of the deepest Gorge valleys in Nigeria and it is situated right in the northwest of the old Daniski settlement in Fika local government.

3. Old Daniski settlement is also one of the Romantic Places to Take your Husband in Yobe State

The old Daniski is located north of Fika, the headquarters of the Fika local government area. A long long time ago it used to be the administrative seat of the bolewa people. It also has a really nice view, you and your husband can feed your eyes here.

4. Bade Fishing and Cultural Festival

Fourth, we have the Bade fishing festival. It is definitely one of the most romantic places in Yobe to take your husband. He’ll be greatly entertained by the cultural acrobatics and water displays of the local people as well as traditional techniques of fishing.

5. Gaat Hotel

Arguably one of the best hotels in Yobe, Gaat Hotel can afford to give you all the hospitality you need. In fact, if you’re in Yobe to visit or just looking around for some romantic places where you and your husband can stay then, the Gaat hotel might just be the one.

6. Dangona Birds Sanctuary

Located in Dangona village of bade local government area, this sanctuary happens to harbour birds of different species from Europe and other continents of the world. This is where they come to roost during winter. The sanctuary was declared a national park in 1990 by prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

7. Classic Montage Motel also happens to be one of the most Romantic Places to take your Husband in Yobe

Looking for a classic and affordable place to have a romantic night with your husband? Classic Montage Motel can take care of that for you.

8. Mama Edo Restaurant

Good food, and nice scenery. That’s the exact definition of mama Edo restaurant. If you’re just looking around for some really romantic places to take your husband to for him to have a good meal then consider this wonderful restaurant.

9. Dufuna canoe– The oldest canoe in Africa

River Yobe is one of the romantic places you must take your husband to visit while in yobe. It accommodates the oldest canoe in Africa-the Dufuna Canoe. It was discovered by a Fulani herdsman in May 1987 in Dufuna valley while digging a well.

10. S. Twinkles Restaurant

Twinkles restaurant will be perfect for a romantic date with your husband. At least you’re assured of good food, and the ambience is also perfect for nice pictures.

11. Dokshi Spring Water is one of the best and most Romantic Places in Yobe to take your Husband

Dokshi Spring Water is another natural attraction that offers an exciting view to tourists. It maintains a constant temperature at the point where the hot and cold spring water meets. For this reason, I’m sure your husband will be happy to visit this place.

12. Green Place Restaurant

In addition to the above-mentioned, green place restaurant is also one of the nicest and most romantic places to take your husband to while in Yobe. You can have a wonderful husband and wife date here while your visit to Yobe lasts.

13. Tulo-Tulowa is definitely one of the Romantic Places to take your Husband 

Finally, we have the Tulo-Tulowa. Located in the Yusufsri Local government area of Yobe State, Tulo-Tulowa is also known as “The Desert Land of Hope”. As a matter of fact, Tulo-Tulowa is a mushy oasis with abundant water in a low valley, it provides a magnificent picturesque view right there in the desert.


Finally, I want to believe that this article was really useful in finding the best romantic places to take your husband to Yobe state. Above all, make sure to have fun and take a lot of pictures for memory’s sake. Given that you have all these make sure to enjoy yourselves.

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