13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Rivers State Nigeria

There are several romantic places that you can take your husband to in Rivers State, either for educational or recreational purposes. This article is going to expose you to a few of them. So, keep scrolling to see the places where you can take your husband for a lovely and romantic date.

Rivers Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

13 Romantic Places in Rivers State that you can take your Husband to

As I earlier mentioned, here are 13 romantic places in Rivers that your husband would be thrilled to visit. So, if you’re a resident of Rivers State or you’re just visiting, make sure you find time to take your husband to at least one of these places.

 1. Rivers State Museum

This historical centre is located inside the secretariat complex of Rivers State Government. It contains antiques identified with different ethnic gatherings indigenous to the state. It is one of the best historical places in this city of Port Harcourt that you can your husband can visit.

2. Port Harcourt City Mall

This mall is located along  Azikiwe road close to the Government House. It is the hub of activity and fun for individuals and couples. The mall has a  shopping complex, cinema, and various food courts. This ensures that there is a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

 3. Tourist Beach is definitely one of the most Romantic places in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to Take Your Husband

This place is so cool, you can play in the water while listening to music from any of the bars on the beach. Also, you can enjoy some really nice local delicacies while on both beaches.

4. Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

In the fourth place, we have PH pleasure park. This park is owned by the government of Rivers State. This is definitely one of the romantic places you can take your husband to. It is located in Rumuola town in Rivers State.

 5. Bonny Island

This island is really popular in Rivers State, it is surrounded on the west end south by beaches. You add your husband can even enjoy a speed boat ride for about an hour while having a romantic time with you.

6. Port Harcourt Zoo is another Romantic Place that You can Take Your Husband to in Rivers State

The Port Harcourt Zoo is a state-owned park. If your husband is interested in exotic and wildlife animals, you can take him to this zoological garden.

7. Garden City Amusement Park

This amusement park is another public place that is considered to be romantic enough for couples looking to just have a nice time outside their homes.

 8. Isaac Boro Park

This place is simply romantic because of the serenity of the environment. You and your husband can enjoy a very nice time here. You can take useful things along like

  • Snacks
  • Mat
  • Throw Blanket
  • A camera
  • And any other thing that can help you and your husband have a romantic time.

 9. Okrika Aquatic Stadium (This is one of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Rivers State)

Next, we have the Okrika Aquatic Stadium, If your husband is interested or at least curious about aquatic life then you can take him to this stadium while you’re in Port Harcourt

this is the place to visit when you’re in Port Harcourt.

 10. Water-Glass Boatyard

Another romantic place you can take your husband to in Rivers State is the Water-Glass boatyard. Both of you will have a nice time here with the boat rides and the environment at large.

 11. Port Harcourt Golf Club

This golf club will be a perfect haven for your husband especially if he is a golf lover. Even if you do not play golf, there are other facilities that you can enjoy within the club such as the table tennis hall, the bar,  restaurants, lounge area, internet facilities and gym facilities. Undoubtedly, the golf club is one of the romantic places to take your husband to.

 12. Finima Beach

As I earlier mentioned, Bony island is rounded by beaches, one of which is finima Beach. It is a gorgeous seashore that a lot of people tend to visit. You can also take your husband to this beach for a romantic time.

 13. Bole King Restaurant is among the Romantic Places to take your Husband to in Rivers State

Lastly, this is the place where you can get the famous bole and fish exquisitely served to you. This is not like anything you find on the street. Your husband can enjoy this meal with some freshly made fruit juice or palm wine.


In summary, these places are very like a must-visit for any couple who finds themselves in Rivers State. They are fun and very affordable. Make sure you visit one of these places before leaving Port-Harcourt.

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