13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kebbi State Nigeria

As the caring and loving wife that you are, you want to take your husband to romantic places in Kebbi state and you don’t know anywhere. Well, I’m glad to inform you that you are in the right place, as this article is here to solve that exact problem.

Kebbi Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13

Top 13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Kebbi State

Here are 13 romantic places, I would advise you to take your husband to in Kebbi state:

1. Grimache Shrine, Zuru Is One Of The Romantic Places To Take Your Husband To In Kebbi State:

The Grimache shrine is located in Zuru local government in Kebbi state. It is a traditional shrine where a piece of water is surrounded by thick trees. The atmosphere of this place makes it an ideal place for you and your husband.

2. Java Grill:

Secondly is the Java Grill. This is a wonderful restaurant with mouth-watering meals that will give you and your husband the joy you need. After all, they say that the fastest way to a man’s house is through his mouth.

3. Moving Rock At Akinkiya In Ngaski:

The moving rock at Akinkiya in Ngaski is one romantic place you can also take your husband to in Kebbi state.

4. Equity Cakes And Bakery:

Equity cakes and bakery is your one-stop for everything cake and pastries in Kebbi state. All forms of sweet things from cakes to parfait.

5. Another Romantic Place You Can Take Your Husband to in Kebbi State is The Yalewa Museum of Archeology:

The Yalewa Museum of archaeology in Kebbi state has arts and crafts works depicting the culture of the people of Kebbi.

6. Kanta Museum, Argungu:

Kanta museum is located in Argungu and is situated close to the main market. It is originally the Emir’s palace that was converted into a museum.

The museum showcases the history of Argungu and its people. It also portrays the way of life of the people through arts and crafts among other artefacts.

7. Azbir Hotels:

Azbir hotels are one of the amazing hotels in Kebbi state that affords luxury. It is located at 23 Sani Abacha Bye Pass, 860101, Birnin Kebbi.

8. Tomb Of Abdullahi Fodio:

This tomb has been a tourist centre for centuries. It is an ideal spot for you to take your husband sightseeing in Kebbi state.

9. Rahama Suites (Little Heaven) is One of The Romantic Places You can Take Your Husband to in Kebbi State:

Just like the name implies, Rahama suites is the little heaven of Kebbi. It is the ideal romantic place for you and your husband. It is located along Mechanic Village Road, Beside Old Motor Park.

10. Shaganlinku Restaurant:

Shaganlinku restaurant is literally one of the best restaurants in Kebbi state. This is also a fun-filled restaurant in Kebbi state, and I’m very sure you won’t regret taking your husband to this place for a romantic dinner.

11. Peace Exclusive Suites & Restaurant:

Peace exclusive suites & restaurant is a great and romantic place for you to take your husband in Kebbi state. It is a combination of a restaurant and a superb hotel.

12. Aberta Guest Inn:

Aberta guest inn is also one of the top restaurants in Kebbi state. Located in Gesse Phase II, Bernin Kebbi. It is a wonderful and romantic place to take your husband to.

13. A Romantic Place You Can Take Your Husband to In Kebbi is The Sha’aban Supermarket:

One romantic thing you can do for your husband that I’m so sure hell love, is to take him shopping. And the ideal place you can take your husband shopping in Kebbi state is the Sha’aban supermarket.


The places that have been listed above are both fun and romantic places you can take your darling husband to in Kebbi state. I sincerely do hope that your love lasts really long and you and your husband have not just a happy marriage, but also a happy ending.

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