13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Benue State Nigeria

Benue State is known as the food basket of the Nation, and it’s not just a name, as the soil is good for farming and the residents are predominantly farmers. And there’s more to Benue than farming, the state also houses a lot of restaurants, parks, hotels and tourist sites. This post will bring some Romantic Places to Take Your Husband to Benue State.

Benue Husband Romantic Places to Visit; Top 13 Places

13 Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Benue State Nigeria

There are a lot of romantic places You can take Your Husband to in Benue State and You will get to know some of them here.

1. City Bay Park

City bay park is located in the heart of makurdi town. It houses an outdoor restaurant, event centre, kiddies park and shops. The outdoor restaurant is ideal for hangouts with family and friends, especially in the evenings. It’s also a Romantic Place to take your Husband to chill in Benue.

2. Bays Garden Hotels

This place isn’t just a gigantic building with accommodations for its guests, it also has an outdoor bar and garden, with a lot of entertainment at night. One Romantic Place you can take your Husband if he likes the nightlife.

3. River Benue is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Benue State

The River is one of the biggest in the country and it is located in the State’s capital, Makurdi. Activities like boating, fishing and picnicking are common there. You can also relax at the river bank in the evenings with your Husband.

4. Double K Hotel

Double K is inarguably the best hotel in the Otukpo local government area of Benue State, with all the great services one can ever get in the state. Taking your Husband there for a Romantic getaway will be a great idea.

5. Benue Hotels and Resort

This hotel has a history, it has accommodated a long list of people over decades and has recently undergone some renovations for better services. The environment is calm and relaxing, a suitable Place for you to take your Husband for a vacation, they also have a swimming pool and a mini zoo for guests.

6. Smile View Hotel is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Benue State

Located in a serene part of Makurdi, Smile view offers good accommodations, decent meals and a peaceful and quiet environment that might just be what your Husband needs after a long week of work.

7. Art City Cafe and Grill 3

This place in Makurdi, Benue state is really cool for a Romantic Place with your Husband. Their intercontinental and local dishes are really great and they also have an outdoor bar where you can relax and have drinks or barbecued meat.

8. Tito Gate

You can’t be in Benue and not take your Husband to Tito Gate for a taste of their local delicacies, pastries and most of all their popular yoghurt (Tito yoghurt). They also offer takeouts and drive-through services, if you don’t want to dine in.

9. Star Shawarma is One of the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Benue State

Star Shawarma is just a name as the restaurant also serves different intercontinental and local dishes.  They have a reputable record of serving the best shawarma in Makurdi, which you can always place an order for. And you can also take your Husband to Star Shawarma on a Romantic date for a good meal and a really nice smoothie.

10. Makurdi Zoological Garden

Nothing can go wrong with you taking your Husband sightseeing in this zoo in Makurdi. The environment is calm and quiet except for the sounds of animals and It’s also another Romantic place you can take your Husband for a picnic or hang out in Benue State.

11. Mkar Hills

Taking your Husband away from the busy town of Gboko to a place where he can chill, feel the change in temperature, look at the town from a different view and also enjoy a good meal on a hill won’t be a bad idea.

12. Ace of Spade is Among the Romantic Places to Take Your Husband in Benue State

This place literally bubbles at night, the crowd steadily increases, the music never stops and the drinks keep flowing. And even if your Husband is not one for the nightlife, he’ll enjoy a good barbecue and drinks at this place in Makurdi, Benue state.

13. Hotspot Cafe

Hotspot cafe is also one Romantic Place to take your Husband if he’s not the type to like calm and quiet places. The entertainment usually rolls in the evenings and there’s also a karaoke night once a month the place is picture-worthy as well.  


In conclusion, your Husband will love a Romantic getaway, hangout or picnic once in a while, so he can get refreshed and ready to take life by its horns. And if you happen to be in Benue State, we hope our list of 13 Romantic Places to take your Husband comes in handy.

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