30 Strong Reasons Why Most Students Don’t Do Well Academically | CHECK NOW

They are a lots of reasons why most students don’t do well academically and I have taken time to draft out thirty of the major ones to note so read through to know them now cause you might be experiencing them.

30 Strong Reasons Why Most Students Don’t Do Well Academically | CHECK NOW

My neighbour’s kid come from school during this holiday and I ask them for there result and they all do awfully score and I asking them what happened and they are saying them don’t know, that went I decided to know why a student doesn’t do well academically. And have done my research and finally have seen why a student doesn’t do well academically and are as follow:

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30 Reasons Why Most Students Don’t Do Well Academically

  1. Some students don’t know how to study.
  2. Some students don’t know there learning style and their capability.
  3. Some don’t know that to study is head work.
  4. Some take note by keyboard instead to write with there hands.
  5. Most students are being distracted in the classroom by the internet, phones, instead of paying attention in class.
  6. Some students don’t engage themself with a teacher or professor outside the class.
  7. Some student cram to the examination hall.
  8. They don’t know how to do recalling information.
  9. Their parent doesn’t disturb than to study.
  10. Some parent has turn party has a priority.
  11. Some have not found there propose and passion for the future.
  12. Some student has another view of education.
  13. Some student lack focus.
  14. Parents don’t even care about their kid’s school life.
  15. Injustice in a class by the teacher/ professor in class.
  16. If the teacher doesn’t know how to carry student alone, because in class their many different types of learner slow, middle, fast learner.
  17. Some students are easily distracted.
  18. Some students just decide to feel left behind in study.
  19. The society also contributes to some of the reason.
  20. Peer.
  21. Religious.
  22. Culture.
  23. Family economic status.
  24. Lack of supply of books and textbook from parent and government.
  25. Poor time management.
  26. Inability to complete the task given to them.
  27. Lack of confidence and not to fail.
  28. Some student reliance on each other.
  29. Overconfidence.
  30. Appreciate what the student do at all time.

According to my research, these 30 reasons are the most reason why a student doesn’t do well academically.

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