Reason Why Lecturers Should Avoid Dating Students – Lecturers in Relationship With Students

Sometimes if you hear that a lecturer is in a relationship with a student it sounds somehow and it not what is to be allowed in school, because being in a relationship with student really affect the student and also the other student in the class. Because of this relationship between have turned some student no to come to class or be serious with there study again

This makes me remember a lecturer United Kingdom, this lecturer was new in the school and his still at age of let say 39 to 40 years and how he was a handsome man and is very intelligent and this what gave him an opportunity to have his way in teaching in the university. So, then there was a girl that he likes in the class Lisa and this girl when we talk about beauty this girl his full of beauty and very intelligent and everybody in her class want to be in a relationship with her

So, this lecturer was also interested in her, and the funny part if it is that the girl also has a crush on this lecturer, so what the did was that she finds a way make sure she is close to the lecturer and this when everything was easy for the lecturer. But this lecturer tries to avoid her because he has known the rules of the school.

Reason Why Lecturers Should Avoid Dating Students

But this girl we still are coming to ask for help from the lecturer and asking for extra class from him, but the lecturer was just trying to do his job as a lecturer to a student with his plain mind. And as we all know that the lecturer like the girl and the girl also has a crush on him. So, the lecturer talks to her if they can be in a relationship.

Lecturers in Relationship With Students Review

After some week the girl accepted to be in a relationship with his girl and he told her that the relationship should be secret, and this relationship was secret for some a year and one month they start having problem in the relationship and it starts affecting the girls study in which he can’t concentrate in man class and after she can’t cope with the situation she stop come to class and stop coming to school because she wants to avoid seen the lecturer and want to move on.

So, this was when the school board notices that there is something wrong somewhere, and how did they know it was by the score and the grade of the girl. And the school administration calls the girl to ask what going on with her, that why her grade his dropping every section. The girl tries to still keep what going one with her and the lecturer.

After some investigation but the school board later find out that the girl was in a relationship with the girl and this when the lecturer was called into the board room and he was sack from the school and his licenses were collected for some time.

Reason Why Lecturers Should Avoid Dating Students

So, the reason why lectures should avoid been in a relationship with a student is because of;

  • It affects the students’ academic
  • It affects lecturer himself
  • It makes the student stopped coming to class if the relationship is at a stack
  • The lecturer can’t be keeping his position as a lecturer in class
  • It also affects lecturer not to give time to talk to other female or male student in a class

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