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Putlocker is a streaming website where users can view and download thousands of movies & TV shows for free on their computer or mobile device. Surely, You get to Download your favourite new HD movies, TV shows, and web series in dual audio from the comfort of your own home.

Users love free streaming services, but hosting firms and law enforcement organizations aren’t so fond of them. Also, a number of streaming services have been sued over copyright issues, the most well-known of which is arguably Putlocker, which is immensely popular with insiders all around the world.

Is Putlocker Illegal?

Despite the fact that the main website has been removed, clones and mirrors can still be found. It is currently uncertain whether the site’s original founder or founders are involved in these mirrors. To this day, the many websites that contain a copy of Putlocker are quite popular.

The short answer is that, in most circumstances, using a service like Putlocker is illegal or prohibited. Also, Putlocker, like 123movies or PrimeWire, allows users to stream copyrighted content. They do not own the rights to this content, and users do not pay the copyright owner to watch these movies or TV Series.

Putlocker Proxy

Putlocker is a website that contains a pirate file that serves as an unlawful streaming platform for TV episodes and films. Although, the platforms are accessible via several URLs and domain names.

Some of these domain names or URLs are as follows: putlockers.in, putlockers.se, putlockers.tv, putlockers.co, putlockers.mv, putlockers.ph, putlockers.la, putlockers.wc, putlockers .wp, putlockers.ss, putlockers 123, putlockers​​.cc, putlockers .ac, putlockers .gr

Features of Putlocker

Below are the notable features of Putlocker:

  • Powerful search feature: There’s a great search feature on this particular website. You can look for your favourite movie instantly. Obtaining films is a simple process. You won’t have to be concerned if the specific film you’re looking for isn’t available.
  • Many genres of movies: There are many different forms of movies, including A to Z lists, movies, TV series, top shows, and country-specific films. If you’re seeking a film that caters to your specific tastes, all you have to do is go through the appropriate category. You’ll eventually come across it.
  • Stream media: Users have access to a wide range of genre-specific content to stream. Science fiction, thriller, history, action, along with several more are made available, that is because the host servers are primarily based in the United Kingdom. Hence, users are supplied with an uninterrupted and super-speedy stream.

Putlockers2 Movies Categories

It’s difficult to discover one of your well-known websites among the vast number of on-the-website movies. As a result, websites arrange them into several groups, making it easy to select the one you desire. These categories will identify the video once you’re in the mood. Let’s check what kind of categories Putlocker has to offer:

  • English movies
  • English tv series
  • Best IMDb Movies
  • Most watched movies
  • Most watched tv-shows
  • Romance
  • Scary
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction and more

How to Download on Put Locker

You can use it on both Mac and Windows because it is an internet video downloader. For viewing quality Putlocker movies, you can download them in a variety of formats, including 480p, 720p, and up to 1080p. The following steps will help you download movies on Putlocker, but note that you MUST have a functioning VPN to protect your privacy:

  1. Copy the movie’s link to the Putlocker video you want to download and copy. You need to copy and select the URL bar
  2. After that, you need to begin downloading the videos by doing a “copy-paste” with the downloaded link.
  3. Once the downloading process is over, you can click on the preferred video format and press the download button to start the videos.

Surely, after completing the process of download, you can cross-check the downloaded video by watching the preview automatically. You need to open it and play.

Sites Like Put Locker; Putlockers2 Alternatives

Lastly, if Putlocker is down or for any reason you cannot access them, then there are other better alternatives you need to consider. Some of these websites and have listed below are actually better than Putlocker2 so give them a try:

Also, Check Out;



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