Privacy Policy

When it comes to personal privacy, we at handles this seriously. This page contains everything regarding Naijschools privacy policy. The page contains the following details regarding privacy policy.

  • Information we collect on
  • How we collect the information from our users.
  • What we use the information we collect to do.
  • Security of the information we collect.
  • Update of privacy policy.

Information We Collect on

The information we collect from our users on is simply personally identifiable materials. The information we collect from users is demographic data, email and phone number.

How We Collect the information from our Users on

We get information from our users if they willingly give us or through third-party means. In total, we collect information from users through the following means.

  • sign up option.
  • contact us option.
  • Third-party means.

With the sign-up option, users will willingly provide us with their email, social account or phone number. Yes, users with interest in registering on provides us with this information. Another means users can use to willingly provide us with their personal information is by reaching out to us with Naijschools contact email address.

We can also get information from users that do not give us willingly. This is possible through third-party websites, cookies and web browsers. We at times collect information from the web browser users use to access Naijschools website. This information is a log data containing the IP address, web browser details, browsing session and duration of stay the user spends on

What We Use the Information We Collect to do

Users that give us their information both willingly and through third party means get to access extra services as times goes on. The information we collect from our users helps us identify and carry our services closer to them. We send messages, newsletters, promotional services and many other services relating Naijschools services. This way our users are closer to our services.

Security of the Information We Collect on

Security is no doubt something we here at Naijschools do not take lightly. We ensure that the information we get from our users is safe from harm. Our security measures offer protection of the information we get from spam, unauthorized access, misuse and threats. This is in place, as long as we are still offering our services to every user of Once we no longer have use for personal information with us, we destroy it. Privacy Policy Updates

The above information on this page is the current privacy policy of website. It will remain so as long as we do not change or update it. If any changes or update occurs we make sure that our users are fully aware of it. We will do this by either sending messages to our user’s email address or by placing a visible notification of the update on Naijschools.