Top 41 Prestigious Secondary Schools in Abuja Nigeria | No. 8’s the Best

If you are searching for a good school to attend in Abuja, then do not worry because I would be giving you the Top 41 Prestigious Secondary Schools in Abuja Nigeria.

Top 41 Prestigious Secondary Schools in Abuja Nigeria | No. 8's the Best

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria happens to one of the locations where the top, most expensive, and best schools in Nigeria are found.

The schools and the performance of their students have confirmed it, and today, more and more schools are being built in the Federal Capital Territory. But among the many schools in the state, I would be giving you my list of the top schools in Abuja.

Requirements of Quality Schools on the list

Some of the school on my list includes boarding schools, all-girls’ schools, all-boys’ schools, day school and more. The schools on my list are not there because they provided intelligent students alone, the schools have the required facilities and equipment that every Nigerian school is supposed to have which includes classrooms, halls, libraries, and labs. And the schools also provided facilities for other extracurricular activities which includes:

  • music
  • Rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • sports fields and school grounds
  • swimming pools
  • cinemas
  • theatres
  • and the school chapel.

There are more facilities, but for a school to have most of these facilities, it deserves to be on my list. Now with that stated, below I would be giving exactly what you came for.

Top 41 Prestigious Secondary Schools in Abuja Nigeria

Below are the Top 41 Prestigious Secondary Schools in Abuja Nigeria that have proven that they deserve to be on this list by their standards of education.

  1. Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja

  2. The Regent College, Abuja

  3. Capital Science Academy, Abuja

  4. American International School, Abuja

  5. Lead British International School, Abuja

  6. Noble Hall Leadership Academy For Girls

  7. Titsall Global Schools

  8. Nigerian Turkish International College

  9. International Community School, Abuja

  10. Faith Academy, Abuja

  11. Voyage Int’l Schools

  12. Doveland International Schools

  13. Cherryfield College

  14. Whiteplains British School, Abuja

  15. Glisten International Academy, Abuja

  16. The Centagon International School, Abuja

  17. Funtaj International School, Abuja

  18. Premiere Academy, Abuja

  19. Oxford Manor College

  20. Christ’s Chosen Group Of Schools

  21. Nigerian Turkish International Colleges

  22. Abuja Preparatory School

  23. Premier International School

  24. The Cuddle School, Abuja

  25. Top Hill Schools

  26. Stella Maris College

  27. The Centagon International School

  28. British Nigerian Academy Abuja

  29. Africa International College Abuja

  30. Bankys Private School

  31. Mabela Daycare And Nursery

  32. Kings Care Universal School

  33. Great Heights Academy

  34. Regent Secondary School

  35. Government Science Secondary School Abuja, Maitama, Abuja

  36. Sascon International School

  37. Oakland International British School

  38. Tippytoes School

  39. Ladela Schools

  40. Esteem School

  41. Nigerian Tulip International Colleges

Now, this is the list of the top 41 most Prestigious schools in Abuja, Abuja is filled with a lot of schools, some even better than most of the schools in my list, but so far these are the best that I have come across, and I trust. So, if you want to place your child in any school in Nigeria, and the school happens to be on my list, then feel free to do so.