Full List of Accredited Polytechnics in Plateau State Nigeria

This content will be about the full list of polytechnics in Plateau state. If you would like to study in any of the polytechnics in Plateau state, then you should know the list of polytechnics in the state. Plateaus state has various polytechnics and all of them have enough teaching facilities that will help train the student properly and below I will be giving the list of polytechnics in the state.

Brief history About Plateau State

Benue-Plateau state was a formal administrative division of Nigeria and Plateau state was created from the state on the 3rd of February 1976. The state is the twelfth largest state in the country and its capital is Jos which is the largest city in the state and also the coldest city in Nigeria.

The state is well known as a place for mining, agriculture and it is also a major exporter of tin and columbite. it is roughly located at the center of the country and it is a northern state.

List of Polytechnics in Plateau State

This is the list f polytechnics in the state

State Polytechnics

  • Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin-Ladi, P.M.B. 02023, Jos, Plateau State.

The polytechnics you will find in Plateau state are the ones in the above list.



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