Full List of Accredited Polytechnics in Gombe State Nigeria

The list of Polytechnics in Gombe State is what this content will be all about. So if you want to know more about polytechnic in Gombe state or you are looking forward to studying in any polytechnic in the state then it will be good to know the list.

But before I start, I will like to tell you a little history of Gombe state. The state was created in 1996 on the 1st of October by General Sanni Abacha, it is located in the northeastern part of Nigeria and the dominant tribe there is the Fulani tribe.

List of Polytechnics in Gombe State

The list of the polytechnic in Gombe state will be listed below

State Polytechnics

  • Gombe State Polytechnic Bajoga

This might be the only polytechnic you will see in Gombe state.



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