Top 5 Platforms to Get the Best Christmas Deals in Nigeria and Tips to Get Them | CHECK NOW

If you are a lover of good Christmas deals, this article will provide you with a list of Platforms to Get the Best Christmas Deals in Nigeria and guides on how to get them. So, read the content below for details on where and how you can get the best Christmas deals this Year 2020

Top 5 Platforms to Get the Best Christmas Deals in Nigeria and Tips to Get Them | CHECK NOW

A lot of big shopping platforms in Nigeria are already offering some interesting Christmas deals to their customers, and as an online shopper, I know you would definitely not want to miss out on this one, which is why you really need to go through this list because you would be amazed by what you would find.

In case you have not heard, this Christmas, top Nigerian shopping platforms are already bringing out their Christmas deals, and as an online shopper, I advise that you take advantage because those deals would not be available for a long time.

Guide to Getting the Best Christmas Deals in Nigeria

Below are the available guides to getting the best Christmas deals in Nigeria not from only online shopping platforms, but also in the local market. This guide is pretty useful to online shoppers.

Make a Budget and Stick to it

Sticking to a Budget is kind of hard, but if you want the best deals you really need to stick to your budget. If you fail to plan your budget, you stand the chance to get wrecked financially in January. Plan for affordability and not what you want.

Make Sure not to Fall for Impulsive Buying

The festive period is popular for all its spectacular window displays by shop owners just to get the attention of holiday shoppers. They are always eye-catching and very hard to ignore, most especially when the shop is filled with stunning items. No matter what, make sure you do not fall into the grasp of items that are not on your budget list, most especially when shopping online.

Avoid the Rush

Waiting till the rush hour to purchase items for Christmas might not get you the best Christmas deals at considerable prices. It is best that you purchase your Christmas a week to Christmas week, and you would be happy you did it before the rush hour.

Shop Online

This is the best place to get the best Christmas deals, and if you have noticed, you should know that Nigerians are now embracing online shopping. Online shopping would help you avoid the stress of having to walk into any store and having to haul a cart around looking for items.

Make Sure Your Credit Card is Ready for Online Shopping

This is the most important detail as many users tend to shop online with credit cards that have not been activated for online transactions or linked with accounts that are out of funds or dormant.

So, users need to ensure they have credit cards that are active and linked with accounts that have funds they can use to purchase items of their choice. The consequence of not having this in place will lead to them losing out on good deals to other buyers.

List of Platforms to Get the Best Christmas Deals in Nigeria

Now to the main point of this content, “List of Platforms to Get the Best Christmas Deals in Nigeria”. Starting my list of the best platforms to get the best Christmas deals is:

1. Konga

If you have visited Konga recently, you should definitely have heard about the Konga “12 Days of Discounts”, sounds catchy right?  The 12 days of Discounts is one of the best Christmas deals so far, it does not only sound catchy, it is also awesome. The deal is accommodated with a lot of eye-catching deals. If you want to get more details on the deals, visit

2. Jumia

Jumia also has some pretty impressive Christmas deals that would wow you. This Christmas, Jumia has placed a lot of discounts on laptops, mobile phones, game and consoles, cameras, books, top fashion brands (men and women fashion and more. Visit to get more details on the best Christmas deals on Jumia.

3. PayPorte

PayPorte also has its own interesting deals to offer to all its customer. PayPorte is offering free shipping to all its customers within Abuja and Lagos. Plus, they also have some interesting offers in their online store, so you should not miss it. Visit to access payporte online store.

4. Jiji

This platform also has some interesting deals for Christmas, plus, it is one of the best places to get your hands on some amazing of the best Christmas decoration items so, if you have not visited Jiji, then do it now. Visit in other to access Jiji’s platform for Christmas deals.

5. Yudala

If you are looking forward to getting not just some interesting Christmas deals, then you really need to check out Yudala because they also have some of the best Christmas items with the best Christmas deals for sale. Visit for more interesting deals.

And so far, this is the List of Platforms to Get the Best Christmas Deals in Nigeria. As an online shopper, make sure you check out the deals these platforms have to offer.


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