PhD in Education Program – Where Can I Work With a PhD in Education

Education is said to be the spine of any nation, but at this day, the spine is now a complex body in need of extraordinary leaders to help it direct the course of its past challenges to success. To help you see how important a PhD in education program is important and what can be done with it, we are going to explain to you answers to some questions that are frequently asked by interested people.

A PhD in education program is degree specially for practitioners who wants to acquire the necessary skills needed to solve problems in the learning section and also to effect positive changes in a lot of learning environment. These environments can be universities or higher institutions. The degree you get after the completion of a PhD in education program will make you more ready to face hands-on roles in education leadership, government sectors and even in businesses.

PhD in Education Program

Among every other topic that are important, the PhD in education program will also offer you both qualitative and quantitative data collection, it also covers decision making methods and analysis and also organizational development. If you have the zeal or goal to become an administrator in the education environment or you want to have a career as a leader in a secondary or higher institution, a degree as sophisticated as a PhD in education is essential.

There are a lot of accredited institutions that now offers a PhD in education program. In most cases a PhD in education program takes about 2 years to 4 years to be completed if you are a full-time student, obviously it will take longer for a part time student. This kind of PhD program emphasizes a lot more on applied knowledge rather than on researches, though research is still an important part of the program.

What Can Be Done with a PhD in Education Program Degree?

After you have completed your PhD in education program and you already have your degree but you do not know what careers you can pursue with it, well here is a list of careers you can pursue with this degree.

  • School Principal.
  • School Superintendent.
  • Director of Curriculum.
  • Executive Director.
  • Training and Development Manager.
  • Chief Learning Officer.
  • College President.
  • Academic Dean.

When you are on a PhD in education program, you are not necessarily required to complete your dissertation. Requirements for dissertation differs in programs.

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