6 Things to do if You want to Pass Mathematics in WAEC/NECO/GCE/JAMB this Year 2022 | No. 3 is Very Important

How do I pass Mathematics in WAEC, NECO, GCE, and JAMB? This is the biggest question of those preparing for WAEC or NECO 2022. Mathematics is the nightmare of many secondary school students. In fact, many students don’t want to study Mathematics at all. Well, this article contains things that will help you pass Mathematics in your upcoming WAEC, NECO, GCE, or JAMB exam.

6 Things to do if You want to Pass Mathematics in WAEC/NECO/GCE/JAMB this Year 2022 | No. 3 is Very Important

If it were possible to skip mathematics in WAEC and NECO, I would have not been bothered because you would gladly do. But the problem is, whether you like maths or not, you must certainly sit for it in SSCE.

Tips on How to Pass Mathematics in WAEC/NECO/GCE/JAMB

Now, can a dullard or someone who is not good at mathematics still pass it in WAEC or NECO? Yes. All you need to pass WAEC and NECO mathematics is as follows:

1. Embrace Mathematics:

One of the reasons mathematics is still difficult for you is that you still have a  towards the course. You have concluded that the course is not your calling. You need to change your mindset toward mathematics and start liking it.

2. Solve Maths Questions Daily:

One of the secrets of mathematics scholars is a constant practice. The more you practice, the more you will be familiar with the course and the better for you.

Start answering at least one maths question every day. Doing this for two months will bring about a mathematics turn around for you. Constant practice unlocks your potentials.

3. Ask Questions Where You Are Confused:

Have you solved a mathematics problem up to a point where you are confused? If yes, it is still not enough reason to give up. All you need to do is ask questions; keep on asking questions because there is no law against it.

Even in class, ask your lecturers questions; Persist until you get answers. Tell people your weak point in mathematics so as to enable them to help you better.

4. Test Yourself In Mathematics:

Once in a while, set questions for yourself and attempt to answer them. You may also want to answer questions from several other maths textbooks.

Just engage yourself in questions and answers. When you make mistakes in the test, do not be discouraged. Rather, learn from your mistakes.

5. Have Someone You Look Up To:

The absence of a mentor is the presence of tormentors. Have someone you look up to in mathematics to inspire you.

There is nowhere you want to go in life that someone else hasn’t gone to. Meet them and learn from their mistakes. One reason you should choose a mentor wisely is that your mentor’s weakness becomes your weakness.

6. Become A Mathematics Teacher:

Research shows that when you teach others, you remember 90% of what you have learned. Teach others the little you know. This will make you very good at mathematics. Fall in love with it today and you will never experience a heartbreak.

That’s all for today on this topic. Do you have further questions? Feel free to drop your comments in the box below and don’t fail to share this with your friends.

This post is authored by Madago Emuobo A.K.A Mobo, the founder and Admin of Naijschools. With nearly a decade of expertise in the education sector, Mobo started with Naijschools providing up-to-date information on educational and tech-related topics on breaking news, and daily opportunities for students and graduates.

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