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As a user of the VUDU platform, you are probably wondering what is good to watch this March as there are tons of movies on the platform. You can catch up on new releases that you missed due to busy schedules and all that this March on the VUDU platform. The platform also provides its users with an array of genres to choose from.

Watch Good Vudu March Movies; 15 Options

15 Good Movies on Vudu to Watch this 2023 March

March is close by and there are a lot of good movies to watch on Vudu that will make Your month a whole lot more fun. So, what You will get below are some of the best movies that You can check out on Vudu this March.

1. Everything Everywhere All at Once

This movie follows a Chinese immigrant family, it actually focuses on the family matriarch. She is swept into an insane and unbelievable adventure where she gets to live a different life as a different version of herself.

2. The Fablemans

In this movie, a young man named Sammy Fabelman falls in love with movies after watching the movie “The Greatest Show on Earth” which his parents took him to see. Armed with a camera he starts to make movies at home.

3. Babylon Can be One of the Good Movies on Vudu to Watch this March

This is a period drama that follows a Mexican immigrant who transports an elephant to a drug-fueled executive’s mansion. He meets and falls for an ambitious self-declared star. The movie is quite interesting and is filled with debauchery, outrage excess and so much other stuff.

4. The Banshees of Inisherin

This movie follows a man who is devastated when his buddy decides to break their lifelong friendship. But with the help of his sister and a troubled teen, he sets out to repair his friendship by all means necessary.

5. Black Panther Wankada Forever

This movie is the sequel to the first movie Black Panther and this movie starts after the death of  King T’Challa. In the movie Queen Ramonda, Shuri, M’baku, Okoye and the Dora Milaje must fight to protect their nations.

6. Alice Darling Can be Among the Good Movies on Vudu to Watch this March

In addition, this thriller follows Alice who is pushed to a breaking point by Simon who is her psychologically abusive boyfriend. Throughout the movie, we watch as she rediscovers herself and gains much-needed perspective while vacationing with her two friends.

7. After Sun

The movie shows us a father and daughter. As the daughter reflects on the rare time she spent with her loving and idealistic father. While the father struggles under the weight of life outside fatherhood. The movie shows us her recollection of their relationship.

8. Infinity Pool

This horror movie starts with a couple who are guided by a mysterious and seductive woman. They venture outside the resort they are staying at and find themselves surrounded by violence, horror and hedonism.

9. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish Can be One of the Good Movies on Vudu to Watch this March

This movie follows the famous puss in boots as he discovers he only has one life left to live. He sets out on a journey to find a star to wish for his nine life back. Along the way, he teams up with both old and new friends.

10. Knives Out

The knives out movie is a mystery and comedy movie. The movie follows a detective named Benot Blanc as he investigates the case of Harlan Thrombey who is a reputable crime novelist who is found dead after celebrating his 85th birthday.

11. Elvis

This movie shows us the life of Elvis Presley who uses his fame to highlight racism within the country. the movie is quite amazing as the actor portraying Elvis does an amazing job and even sounds like him. The movie is worth watching.

12. Bullet Train Can be Among the Good Movies on Vudu to Watch this March

This movie follows an assassin named ladybug who has been unlucky, he is determined to do his job peacefully after one too many of his gigs have failed. However, it seems fate has another plan for him as his new mission is also not going as planned.

13. Bodies Bodies Bodies

The movie follows a group of people in their twenties as they get stuck in an abandoned mansion during a hurricane. They play a party game that goes very wrong as they end up with a dead body on the ground and fake friends on every side.

14. Jurassic World: Dominion

Jurassic World is set in a world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist. In this world, a vile organization tips the balance by unleashing wrath upon mankind. Now it is up to two generations of experts to cooperate in order to restore peace.

15. Armageddon Time Can be One of the Good Movies on Vudu to Watch this March

This is a drama and historical film. The movie is a coming-of-age story about the strength of family and the generational pursuit of the American dream. The movie is quite amazing and you would find it interesting.


The VUDU platform is quite popular and as a user you are already aware of its high number of movies, there are so many movies to watch on the platform you might even get tired from scrolling. Have a great time watching the movies from the list above on the platform.

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