Complete List of Accredited Nursing Schools in Adamawa State Nigeria

If you are a student looking forward to furthering your higher education in a Nursing school in Adamawa, then you’ve come to the right place. We would provide you with the Complete List of Nursing Schools in Adamawa State.

In Adamawa State, there are not so many Nursing schools there, but then once they have been truly remarkable, and as a student that wants to attend the school of nursing, I would be giving you the go-ahead because Adamawa has produced some fine nurses.

Nowadays, the hunt for nursing has become very high in Nigeria, and every day, more and more student decides to do nursing. Nurses now are in high demand in Nigeria, and abroad and because of that, the school of nursing continues to spread across to country more than most of the other occupations in Nigeria.

So, if at one point you decide to go with a school of nursing, and you feel Adamawa state is the best place to receive the best kind of education, then check out my for the school of nursing in Adamawa state.

List of Nursing Schools in Adamawa State

Below is the list of Nursing Schools in Adamawa State. In Adamawa state, there are two main institutions that teach nursing and they are.

  1. College of Nursing & Midwifery, Dept. of Nursing, Yola.

  2. School of Peri-operative Nursing, Federal Medical Center, Yola.



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