National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Notice to Students on Changes in Course Codes and/or Titles | CHECK NOW

The National Open University of Nigeria in short “NOUN” has released a Notice to Students on Changes in Course Codes and/or Titles. Details about the notice are given below.

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Notice to Students on Changes in Course Codes and/or Titles | CHECK NOW

About the NOUN Notice to Students on Changes in Course Codes

Changes to the codes and/or tiles of some courses in the various Faculties have been made by the management of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in line with the National Universities Commission (NUC) requirements.

The table below shows the changes that have been made and it is advisable that current students view the list properly to enable them to register accordingly.

Faculty of Management Science

Old Course CodeCourse TitleNew Course CodeCourse Title
SMS101Business Mathematics IMTH105Mathematics for Management Sciences I
SMS105Elements of Management IFMS105Elements Of Management I
SMS102Business Mathematics IIMTH106Mathematics for Management Sciences II
SMS106Elements of Management IIFMS106Elements of Management II
COP114COP311Cooperative Principles and Practices of CooperativesCRD101Principles and practice of co-operation
ENT205Consumer BehaviourMKT303Consumer Behaviour
SMS201Business Statistics ISTT205Statistics for Management Sciences I
SMS203Financial Accounting IACC203Introduction to Financial Accounting I
SMS205Introduction to BusinessBUS205Introduction to Business
SMS207Business CommunicationFMS207Business Communication
SMS209Introduction to FinanceBFN209Introduction to Finance
SMS202Business Statics IISTT206Statistics for Management Sciences II
SMS204Financial Accounting IIACC204Introduction to Financial Accounting II
SMS206Introduction to Cost & Management AccountingACC206Introduction to Cost & Mgt. Accounting
SMS211Economic TheoryECO231Micro Economic Theory I
COP113COP116Introduction to General Agriculture II introduction to General Agriculture IICRD122Nigeria Agriculture
COP111Introduction to CooperativesCRD124Introduction to Cooperatives
COP212Cooperatives ExtensionCRD430Cooperatives Extension
ENT325Human Resources Management PrinciplesBUS325Human Resources Management
ENT313Corporate PlanningBUS429Corporate Planning
MGS304Rural DevelopmentCRD305Rural Development
SMS304Research MethodologyFMS304Research Methodology
ACC307Commercial LawCLL307Commercial Law
ENT201Micro-Credit Policies and InstitutionsCRD332Micro-Credit Policy & Institutions
COP211COP214Cooperatives Economics I  Cooperatives Economics IICRD206Economics for Co-operatives
ENT326Agro-Business ManagementCRD334Agro Business Management
ACC305Cost AccountingACC306Cost Accounting
SMS305Elements of GovernmentPAD305Elements of Government
COP414COP416Cooperative Auditing Cooperative AccountingCRD405Accounting & Auditing for Cooperatives
COP415COP418Seminar in Cooperative Management I Seminar in Cooperative Management IICRD409Cooperative Seminar
COP412Cooperative MarketingCRD411Marketing for cooperatives
ACC415Financial ManagementBFN303Financial Management
BUS427Business Policy and Strategy IFMS427Business Policy and Strategy I
COP411Consumer CooperativesCRD301Consumer Co-operatives
COP215Agriculture CooperativesCRD413Agriculture Cooperatives
COP216Nigeria & International CooperativesCRD208Nigeria & International Cooperatives
ENT417Production Management IBUS317Production Management
BUS428Business Policy and Strategy IIFMS428Business Policy and Strategy II
ENT419ENT430International Business International Business IIBUS419International Business
ENT421Risk ManagementBFN421Risk Management and Insurance
BUS802Economic TheoryECO802Economic Theory
BUS808Economy and Industry AnalysisECO828Economy and Industry Analysis
BUS805Corporate FinanceBFN805Corporate Finance

Faculty of Science

Old Course CodeOld Course TitleNew Course CodeNew Course Title
ESM306Environmental PoliticsPOL326Environmental Politics
ESM303Environmental Law and PoliciesPUL303Environmental Law and Policies

Faculty of Law

Department of Public Law

Old Course CodeOld Course TitleNew Course CodeNew Course Title
LAW241Human Rights Law IPUL241Human Rights Law I
LAW242Human Rights Law IIPUL241Human Rights Law II
LAW243Constitutional Law IPUL243Constitutional Law I
LAW244Constitutional Law IIPUL244Constitutional Law II
LAW321Environmental Law IPUL321Environmental Law I
LAW322Environmental Law IIPUL322Environmental Law II
LAW341Criminal Law IPUL341Criminal Law I
LAW342Criminal Law IIPUL342Criminal Law II
LAW411Oil and Gas IPUL411Oil and Gas I
LAW412Oil and Gas IIPUL412Oil and Gas II
LAW433Law of Taxation IPUL433Law of Taxation I
LAW434Law of Taxation IIPUL434Law of Taxation II
LAW443Administrative Law IPUL443Administrative Law I
LAW444Administrative Law IIPUL444Administrative Law II
LAW445Law of Evidence IPUL445Law of Evidence I
LAW446Law of Evidence IIPUL446Law of Evidence II

Department of Private and Property Law

Old Course CodeOld Course TitleNew Course CodeNew Course Title
LAW343Family Law IPPL343Family Law I
LAW344Family Law IIPPL344Family Law II
LAW421Land Law IPPL421Land Law I
LAW422Land Law IIPPL422Land Law II
LAW423Equity and Trust IPPL423Equity and Trust I
LAW424Law of Trust IIPPL424Law of Trust II
LAW435Law of Intellectual Property IPPL435Law of Intellectual Property I
LAW436Law of Intellectual Property IIPPL436Law of Intellectual Property II
LAW521Legal Drafting and Conveyancing IPPL521Legal Drafting and Conveyancing I
LAW522Legal Drafting and Conveyancing IIPPL522Legal Drafting and Conveyancing II
LAW517Alternative Dispute Resolution IPPL517Alternative Dispute Resolution I
LAW518Alternative Dispute Resolution IIPPL518Alternative Dispute Resolution II
LAW323Law of Torts IPPL323Law of Torts I
LAW324Law of Torts IIPPL324Law of Torts II

Department of Jurisprudence & International Law

Old Course CodeOld Course TitleNew Course CodeNew Course Title
LAW111Legal Methods IJIL111Legal Methods I
LAW112Legal Methods IIJIL112Legal Methods II
LAW211Nigerian Legal System IJIL211Nigerian Legal System I
LAW212Nigerian Legal System IIJIL212Nigerian Legal System II
LAW515Jurisprudence & Legal Theory IJIL515Jurisprudence & Legal Theory I
LAW516Jurisprudence & Legal Theory IJIL516Jurisprudence & Legal Theory I
LAW441Criminology IJIL411Criminology I
LAW442Criminology IIJIL412Criminology II
LAW513Conflicts of Laws IJIL513Conflicts of Laws I
LAW514Conflicts of Laws IIJIL514Conflicts of Laws II
LAW531Maritime Law IJIL531Maritime Law I
LAW532Maritime Law IIJIL532Maritime Law II
LAW511Public International Law IJIL511Public International Law I
LAW512Public International Law IIJIL512Public International Law II

Department of Commercial Law

Old Course CodeOld Course TitleNew Course CodeNew Course Title
LAW233Law of Contract ICLL233Law of Contract I
LAW234Law of Contract IICLL234Law of Contract II
LAW533Company Law ICLL533Company Law I
LAW534Company Law IICLL534Company Law II
LAW331Commercial Transaction ICLL331Commercial Transaction I
LAW332Commercial Transaction IICLL332Commercial Transaction II
LAW231Labour Law ICLL231Labour Law I
LAW232Labour Law  IICLL232Labour Law  II
LAW431Law of Banking and Insurance ICLL431Law of Banking and Insurance I
LAW432Law of Banking and Insurance IICLL432Law of Banking and Insurance II

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