NECO Syllabus for Shorthand 2022/2023 SSCE & GCE | DOWNLOAD & CHECK NOW

In the upcoming NECO examination, students would come across various subjects so they are advised to study wisely. Each of the subjects has its own syllabus so students should note one of the subjects that they would take in their NECO exam. if you are looking for the NECO Syllabus for Shorthand then continue reading.

NECO Syllabus for Shorthand 2022/2023 SSCE & GCE | DOWNLOAD & CHECK NOW

It would also be better that you know the steps on how to use the NECO Syllabus as students often complain that it is confusing. This content will tell you what you need to know about the NECO Syllabus. It would bring the steps on how to use it and also provide the NECO Syllabus for Shorthand.

Everything You Need to Know About the NECO Syllabus

This is an official document that contains topics that students would have to cover while preparing for their exams. Questions that would come out in the examination would come from the topics in the syllabus.

Also, in the syllabus students would also find objectives that they have to study with and also meet to improve their understanding. This is because the objectives contain the key points that can be found in each of the topics.

Reasons for the NECO Syllabus

Several reasons are available for releasing the NECO Syllabus so students would have to check them out. But specifically, it is meant to guide students that would be taking part in this examination. They would also benefit a lot from using the NECO syllabus as their chances of making their papers would increase.

How to Use the NECO Syllabus

NECO (National Examination Council) Syllabus is very easy to use as you would not find it complicated. But before using it, you would first need to download the pdf for the nine subjects that you would be taking in your examination.

The next step is to study the topics in each of them and also meet their objectives. It would be a lot better to use textbooks that contain detailed information.

If you want to be successful with Shorthand in Your SSCE & GCE exams, You need to spend some quality time with this NECO Syllabus.

NECO 2022 Syllabus for Shorthand

The NECO Syllabus for Shorthand is meant for students that would be taking this subject in their upcoming examination. They would find topics in it that they have to study and also in the topics they are objectives that they also have to meet.

Note: NECO (National Examination Council) did not release any syllabus for the upcoming examination. But you can use the one of WAEC (West African Examination Council) to study for your exam. This is because NECO and WAEC use the normal Nigerian Secondary School Syllabus to set their question.

Two passages will be dictated at 80 words per minute with an interval of 2 minutes. The syllabic intensity of the passages should be 1.35 – 1.40. Each passage will last for 3 minutes. After the last passage, 5 minutes will be allowed for candidates to read through their shorthand notes before the commencement of transcription.

All transcription must be done on the typewriter. The use of English and Shorthand Dictionaries is allowed. The examination shall be of 1 hour 13 minutes duration (6 minutes for dictation, 7 minutes for intervals and 1 hour for transcription).

Click this link to get the NECO Syllabus for Shorthand.

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