NECO Syllabus for English Language 2023/2024 SSCE & GCE | DOWNLOAD & CHECK NOW

In this post, expect the National Examination Council in short “NECO” Syllabus for the English Language 2023/2024 GCE & SSCE examinations.

NECO Syllabus for English Language 2023/2024 SSCE & GCE | DOWNLOAD & CHECK NOW


If you are one of the many students who are preparing for the NECO Examination, then you really should check this out because every student in Nigeria writing NECO has no choice but to write English which happens to be the most important subject in the Exam.

Just like you write every other exam, you need to have the syllabus so that you would be very sure of where to place more concentration when reading and preparing for the exams.

Am sure that by now as a senior student about to write the NECO examination should already know what Syllabus is and why it is very important to make use of them. The Syllabus is set to not just tell the student which topic to read for their exams, but to equip them with what they need for the exams and to further help them prepare.

Note: Candidates should expect to answer the questions under all the topics on the NECO Syllabus for the English Language 2023/2024.

Aims and Objectives of the Syllabus

The reason for this syllabus is to measure the extent to which the aims of the teaching syllabuses of member countries have been realized in candidates’ careers in secondary school. The examination is set to examine the ability of the candidate to:

  • Make use of correct English
  • write about incidents in English that are appropriate to specified audiences and situations
  • organize material in paragraphs that are chronologically, spatially, and logically coherent
  • recognize implied meaning, tones, and attitudes
  • use an acceptable pronunciation that can be comprehended by others
  • recognize the physical characteristics of English sounds and the letters that represent
  • them
  • comply with the rules of grammar
  • spell and punctuate correctly
  • comprehend written and spoken English control sentence structures accurately
  • exhibit variety in the use of sentence patterns
  • Pick out and summarize relevant information from set passages

NECO 2023/2024 Syllabus for the English Language

Below, I would be giving you the Syllabus of the English Language you require for your NECO examination below this content.


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