NECO Syllabus for Agricultural Science 2023/2024 SSCE & GCE | DOWNLOAD & CHECK NOW

The National Examination Council in short “NECO” Syllabus For Agricultural Science 2023/2024 is out. Just like every examination, to successfully pass your Neco examination you need to read and prepare the syllabus provided by the examination body for the examination.

NECO Syllabus for Agricultural Science 2023/2024 SSCE & GCE | DOWNLOAD & CHECK NOW


The NECO examination is one of the popular examinations written by students all over Nigeria, apart from the Waec examination which is written by almost all junior and senior final year students, the NECO examination is also one of the grounded examinations written by students in Nigeria.

For all students who will be writing or taking agricultural science in their examination, it is paramount for you to make use of the NECO syllabus for Agricultural science 2023/2024.

The syllabus has been designed and orchestrated to portray Agric science as a simplified applied science with an emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and skills associated with the content.

Note: Candidates would be expected to answer the question on all topics set out in the column-headed syllabus.

Everything You Need to Know About the NECO 2023 Syllabus for Agricultural Science

This is simply an official document that contains topics that would come out in the NECO (National Examination Council) examination. Students are meant to use it to prepare thoroughly for their examinations.

There are also objectives contained in each of the topics that students would have to read with. They meet the objectives while reading the topics as they contain key points that questions would come from.

Reasons & Objectives of the 2023 NECO Syllabus

Helping students make their papers in the examination without going through much stress is the major reason for releasing the 2023 NECO Syllabus. It is meant to guide them while they prepare for their exams. But they would need to prepare early so that they can complete the topics.

Avoiding irrelevant topics is another reason why this document was released. This is because, at times, students read topics that are not important. But if they follow the syllabus, they note the important topics and will also cover them.

The objective of the NECO Syllabus for Agricultural Science is to test candidates’ knowledge towards

  • Stimulate and sustain students’ interest in agriculture;
  • Enable students to acquire functional knowledge and practical skills to prepare them for further studies and occupation in agriculture

All offering agriculture should also have a farm to ease the understanding of students and also a fishpond.

NECO Syllabus for Agricultural Science 2023/2024

As said earlier above we will be providing you with a detailed and comprehensive list of the NECO syllabus for agricultural science 2023/2024. Below is the NECO syllabus for agricultural science.

If you want to be successful with Agricultural Science in Your 2023 SSCE & GCE, You need to spend some quality time with this NECO Syllabus.


Students who would be writing about agricultural science should use the NECO Syllabus for Agricultural Science. This will guide them while they prepare for the exam as it would give them topics to cover. Questions in agriculture would come from this syllabus so students should cover all the topics.

Note: There is no record of the National Examination Council (NECO) official release syllabus. It is recommended that students should use the WAEC syllabus to prepare for their examination. This is because they both use the normal secondary school syllabus.

How to Use the NECO Syllabus

It is not that difficult to use the NECO Syllabus as you can just simply select your nine subjects from the document. Once you are done with that all you have to do is to follow all the topics contained in the subject. You should also use the objectives in each of the topics to get the key points.

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