Muwado #Stories4Health Writing Competition 2020 for African Writers (Ugx 1,000,000 in Prizes to be Won) | APPLY NOW

Are you a part of those looking forward to the Muwado #Stories4Health Writing Competition 2020? Well if you are a part of them then be prepared because entries are invited. Muwado and Amari are looking forward to aiding you in channelling your creativity to aid the spread of creativity packaged stories concerning the pandemic and health sector in general.

Muwado #Stories4Health Writing Competition 2020 for African Writers (Ugx 1,000,000 in Prizes to be Won)  | APPLY NOW

With the #stories4health writing competition, people are required to look for personal experiences and human-interest stories around new diseases, epidemics and trauma with the special focus on COVID-19. The competition is available to African writers from all over the world. Questions concerning the eligibility would be resolved by the Muwado and Amari administration and the final decision they made.

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About the Muwado #Stories4Health Writing Competition 2020


  • Winning entry: Ugx 500,000
  • 1st Runner Up: Ugx 300,000
  • 2nd Runner Up: Ugx 200,000
  • Others- they would be offered assorted deals, Discounts and packages from the sponsors.

Eligibility Requirements

  • African writers from different locations of the world are employed to apply. Verification would be done at the point of picking the victor.
  • Any other form of internationally recognized writing in any language on the areas of interest is acceptable for example:
  • The case report was creatively written or case series.
  • Nonfiction from front line workers and others who have been affected directly by the Virus and measures taken to control it.
  • Poetry
  • Fiction that creatively disseminates health information correctly.
  • Epidemic history and lessons that can be applied when solving COVID-19 situation
  • Opinions pieces that are accurately researched etc.
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Selection Criteria

Winners will be picked based on the following:

  • The creativity of the submission
  • Post reach (views and shares) and engagement (upvoted/downvotes and comments)
  • The health accuracy of the information within (consultancy between health professionals and creativity of the writers is encouraged to bring out the best results
  • Grammar
  • Input from sponsoring partners.

How to Apply for the Competition 

These are simple steps interested individuals are expected to follow in other to apply for the Muwado #Stories4Health Writing Competition 2020:

Step 1: Create a Muwado account which you can do on this link. But if you already have one, simply login to the account.

Step 2: Go to the submission page and upload your own Submission. The window for submission runs from the beginning of May 4 to June 30, 2020 (at midnight GMT). For your submission to be recognized as an entry, make sure you add #Stories4health in the submission title and tags section, so they know you want to make an entry into the competition. If you fail to do this, do not expect to be considered for the Muwado #Stories4Health Writing Competition 2020.


  • Feel free to edit the post from your profile if there is something you’d like to include or remove.
  • If submission proves difficult, you are expected to email the organizers about your submission via [email protected] and it would be uploaded for you.
  • All entries would be properly checked for plagiarism. All plagiarized submission would be disqualified.

Step 3: make sure to share your submission widely and engage with your readers in the comment section.

Application Deadline

June 30, 2020.

Visit this link for more details concerning the Muwado #Stories4Health Writing Competition 2020.

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