MoviesJoy; Alternative Streaming Websites to Use in 2021

MoviesJoy website is one of the best free streaming platforms that can serve as an alternative to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. If you want TV series, movies, documentaries and more then Moviesjoy is what you are looking for. The only problem is that this website does not have a license to stream movies making it illegal.

MoviesJoy; Alternative Streaming Website to Movies Joy

In today’s article, I will be giving you some of the best MoviesJoy Website Alternative Streaming platforms to keep your movies life going. These alternatives I have provided in this article will make you forget Moviesjoy ever existed in the first place.

About the Moviesjoy Stream Website

Moviesjoy was once one of the best go-to places for free streaming and downloading of movies. This website provides you with links to the latest TV series shows documentaries are more. Users can just simply load up this website search for any movie they want and watch it for free no sign-up is required.

This website has a very easy interface that even a newbie can get around and find what they are looking for. You will find a very large search bar upper middle section of the website where you can search for anything movie-related. Also, users can decide not to use the search feature but make use of the menu this website has. The menu of this website gives access to basically the entire catalogue of it.

Moviesjoy has over 100000 movies that users can stream or download at any point in time. provided the website is accessible. In addition to that, they provide you with quality links to go with.

MoviesJoy Alternative Streaming Website List 2021

You might probably be wondering if this website is so good how come we are looking for alternatives to it? The reason is simple and I have mentioned it above in this article. Because MoviesJoy does not have the license to stream or provide download links of movies it becomes illegal. And so it’s prone to get banned regularly which makes it change its URLs constantly.

That is why we have provided you with some of the best alternatives to these websites below that will make you forget about them. So, without further waste of time let’s go ahead and jump in:

1. HDMp4Mania

HDMp4Mania point is a great alternative to Movies Joy interns of giving you quality HD stream and download links. It also gives you an overview of all movies on its list and provides movies features. The only downside is that you have to create an account to access your favourite feature.

2. FilmyHit

There are two things that made this website appear on our slit today. One is that it gives you access to all the latest and your favourite movies. While the second is that it has a very super easy interface for ease of access and downloading.

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an application and not a website that gives you access to free movies. There are thousands of TV shows and movies from various torrenting websites. All are available to be watched and even download using the application. This app is available on both Android and iOS and also on pc.

4. CMovies

This website gives you good quality movies and downloads links for free with a few ads. It has a very simple interface and gives you access to stream or download most of your favourite movies for free.


The YTS.MX website gives you movies of all categories and genres. These include Horror, Action, Adventure, Drama, etc. It also has a very sweet and clean interface with IMDb movies rating to go with. Although registration is required in order to watch the top and high rating movies amiable on this website.

6. CasaCinema

CasaCinema is one of the most popular free movies download and stream websites that you will ever think of. This website has been severely taken down but they normally change Their Urls to continue Their work. Almost all movies can be found streamed or downloaded on this website for free even lastest once they have a very clean interface and a large search feature to search for whatever you are looking for.

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