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Are you a candidate sitting for the upcoming 2023 JAMB examination and the Government is chosen in your JAMB subject combination? Are you looking for where to get a list of the Most Expected Topics in the JAMB Government CBT exam? Well, you are in the right place, in this post, we will give you a list of the Most Expected Topics in the JAMB Government and all the important information you will need concerning your JAMB government exam.


The government is a very easy subject to pass in JAMB, but that is if you know what you are doing and you put enough effort and concentration in the right places.

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In this article we are going to make it very easy for you, we will give you a list of the Most Expected Topics in the JAMB Government, these are the topics that you must in a lot of effort and attention to if you want to have a very high score in your JAMB government exam.

We collated the list of these topics after making research, we found out that these topics are always brought out every year for the JAMB Government exam.

Most Expected Topics in JAMB Government

Surely, only the list of the Most Expected Topics in JAMB Government we shall give you here may not be enough, you will also be needing a jamb syllabus for government to back it up, so in this article, we have also decided to give you JAMB syllabus for Government, with the combination of the items we shall be giving you here and with your effort, you are unstoppable.

All you need to do is study well and practice questions from the topics we shall list for you.

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Hot Topics to Expect in the 2023 JAMB Government CBT Exam

Now that you already know how important the list of the Most Expected Topics in the JAMB Government is to you, I’m sure you do not need to be persuaded to use it alongside the syllabus as a study guide. Without further discussion or explanation, we shall now list out the Most Expected Topics in JAMB Government. Below, you will find a list of the Most Expected Topics in the JAMB Government.

  1. Elements of government.
  2. Political development in Nigeria.
  3. Nigeria and the international community.
  4. International Organizations.

We are certain that at least 90% of your JAMB Government questions will be from the four topics listed above. Though the topics above are very broad and they have sub-topics, so you will need to read each topic deeply and practice enough questions.

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JAMB Syllabus for Government PDF

We are not just going to upload the JAMB syllabus for Government because not everyone’s browser will be able to view it, so instead of doing that we have decided to add a link that could be used to download the syllabus. When you download the syllabus, you can view it at any time.

Though you should take note that it is only with a PDF viewer you’ll be able to view the file, so if you do not have one now it is not too late to download.

To download the JAMB syllabus for this year’s Government click here.



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