124 Mobile Android and iOS Games That Pay Real Money Into Your Nigerian Bank Account

Gaming can be fun; sometimes, it’s so much fun that we spend hours playing a game. But what’s more fun than playing games is to earn while playing. Here, I’ll introduce you to some of the best mobile games that pay real money into your bank account.

Yes! You read that right; imagine having fun playing games while earning simultaneously. Sounds cool. While some games only allow you to spend your earnings in-game by purchasing virtual game props, some offer options to help you withdraw your earnings.

24 Mobile Android & iOS Games That can Pay You Real Money

So, if you have had difficulties finding suitable games that can help you earn real Cash, look no further, as this article contains 12 of the best mobile games for Android and iOS that will pay you real money.

12 Android Games that Pay Real Money

To start with, all 12 Android games listed below have been proven to pay their users real money. Furthermore, it provides brief information on each game and how you can start to get paid from whichever one you end up playing.

1. Mistaplay is my No.1 Pick for Mobile Games that Pay Real Money

Mistaplay is one of the best free apps that allows users to earn rewards for playing games. It is a good platform for Nigerians to gain from playing games. The longer you play, the more you make units and gems, which you can convert into real money. 

2. Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is a free and paid game that pays real money. It is a bubble shooting game where you can earn money by competing in real-money tournaments to see who gets the highest score.

3. WAJE Is Another Good Platform For Games That Pay Real Money

WAJE allows users to play locally inspired games like Whot, Rolling Dice, and other summertime activities with the chance to win real money. Players can deposit a meagre amount to go head-to-head against other players and earn fantastic rewards.

4. Solitaire Cash

Before mobile phones, solitaire was a game for many people to pass the time or have fun together. Solitaire Cash is a free mobile game that can help you earn real money for winning when you enter cash tournaments against another player.

5. Solitaire Cube Is one of my top choices For Mobile Games That Pay Real Money.

Solitaire Cube is an exciting mobile game of solitaire for free. For fun and challenging ways to earn real money, you compete in head-head matches and tournaments against other players. The more games you win, the more Cash you earn.

6. Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 is an online strategy game where you have fun while earning; in this game, you make virtual currency. You can then convert the virtual currency you earn in this game into real money. It is a good game Nigerians make from. You can earn by completing missions and collecting valuable resources.

7. Cash’Em All

Playing games on this mobile app would help you earn real money. Players earn coins by playing games for a certain amount of time. The more games you play and the time you spend playing, the more Cash you earn. 

8. Match to win

Match to Win is another mobile game and a good platform for Nigerians to earn real money. To win, you have to match three puzzles and collect tokens. You can then exchange these tokens for Cash, gift cards, or other rewards. It has exciting games like Spin the Wheel, Lotto, and Casino.

9. NGAWIN is at the top for local Mobile Games That Pay Real Money 

To earn on Ngawin, you can participate in various games and challenges. You can play games like solitaire and pool. Furthermore, Ngawin is a platform with mostly Nigerians. The more games you play and win, the more you earn and can withdraw into your Nigeria bank account.

10. Gamehag

Gamehag is another platform that will reward you for being good at playing games; also, by achieving particular objectives and completing specific tasks, you earn soul gems, which you can then exchange for real money deposited into your bank account.

11. Buff Game

Buff is one of the safest gaming platforms for Android users to make real money. The game offers cash points, which you can convert into tangible rewards. More importantly, you must keep the app running in the background while playing your favourite game on the platform to earn cash points.

12. Gamee Prizes

This game provides some of the best opportunities for Android users to make real money. For instance, the game organises weekly giveaways for its users to earn from. As well as joining luck games every 4 hours to win cash prizes. 

To get tickets to participate in these challenges, you can either play the games in the app or invite friends to join the app.

12 IOS Games that Pay Real Money

Finding a suitable iOS game to get paid for can be challenging. Hence, I have put together a list of 12 of the best iOS that will pay you real money.

1. Wealthy Words

Wealthy Words is another platform to earn while having fun and always work out your brain in exciting games of puzzles and crosswords. By completing challenges and levels, you will earn coins to exchange for rewards. The more levels you conquer, the more Cash you will accumulate.

2. Blackout Bingo is another good iOS Mobile Game that Pay its Players Real Money.   

Blackout Bingo is a mobile game where you can earn real rewards and pay real money. It also has a free option, or you deposit real money into your account and stand a chance to make more. 

To play Blackout Bingo, you create an account on the Skillz platform. Skillz helps game developers enable competition in their games. In Blackout bingo, you cover all the spots on your card, unlike classic bingo, where you cover one finished line.

3. 21 Blitz

21 Blitz is an entertaining game as it mixes Solitaire and Blackjack. It is a fast-paced card game where you must make 21 by combining cards. To earn, you can either build your cash balance either by depositing your own money or earning in-game bonus cash to then participate in cash game modes.

4. 8 Ball Strike

It’s another awesome iOS game that can pay you real money. 8 Ball Strike is an exciting billiards game where you can challenge your friends. You can play online to earn real Cash and other prizes by participating in tournaments. This game has smooth controls and high-quality interactive experiences.

5. Bubble Cash

Bubble Cash is another iOS game that pays real money. It is another classic bubble shooter multiplayer game where all players get the same layout, and the player that pops all their bubbles in the quickest time wins the game. Subsequently, some high-paying tournaments require you to pay a buy-in fee to be able to participate.

6. Solitaire Cube Is one of my top choices For iOS Games That Pay Real Money.

Solitaire Cube is another exciting iOS mobile game that allows you to play solitaire for free, compete against other players in head-to-head matches and tournaments, and earn real money by winning games. Join the action now and start raking in Cash!

7. Buff Game

Buff Game is the perfect iOS platform that allows you to play different games and rewards you. Rest assured, this platform will enable you to earn rewards while playing video games, as long as you keep the Buff Game running in the Background.

8. Gamee Prizes Is at the top of the iOS mobile game platform that pays real money.

Gamee is a free iOS gaming app that gives users a platform to make money from playing mobile games. Furthermore, Players can earn money through multiple ways like Weekly giveaways, daily lottery and scratchers, competing in daily ticket leaderboards to stand a chance to win instant Cash daily, and so much more.

The game shares its ad revenue with its gamers. In a nutshell, the game shares a considerable part of its earnings, with active players high on the leaderboard or lucky winners from the lottery.

9. 8 Ball Pool

If you are a pool fan, there is no way you haven’t tried playing 8-ball pool at least once on your phone. It is one of the most popular and best iOS mobile games that pay real money.

However, this game doesn’t pay money to its players directly. Due to its popularity, it has many online tournaments that pay for their winner’s real money. 

10. Clash of Clans

Firstly, it is essential to know this game won’t pay you directly. Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game set in a fantasy world. In this game, The game provides every player with two villages, as the village chief.

Furthermore, the main objective of this game is to build your village, upgrading its defence and attack to prevent other players from looting your town. This game has many esports tournaments to help you earn real money if your clan wins.

11. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is an empire-building multiplayer card game. Although the game features characters from Clash of Clans, both are different. It is a game of cards where each card has another purpose.

The game puts 2 (1v1) or four players (2v2), and the objective is to destroy more towers than their opponents. Also, Participating in free clash royale tournaments on Gamechampions will help you make more money.

12. Candy Match

Candy Match is a Match 3 puzzle game, just like every other candy game. But what makes candy match better is the probability of earning real money as prizes. You can compete against top players, join tournaments and come out on top to make real money with a secured payout. 


This article has listed 15 of the best mobile games that pay real money into a Nigerian bank account. Or platforms where you can play games to earn money. And to be honest, there is better than to do what you love, have fun while doing it, and make money along the way.

There are still plenty of games or platforms out there that can help you earn real money or offer you cool rewards. But first, try out the fun and gaming apps listed here to see what works for you, and remember some of these platforms are strictly for 18 years or above.

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