Maximum Grade Point in CGPA for Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (Universities, Polytechnics & Colleges of Education)

Since late 2017, there have been words about the Maximum Grade Point in CGPA for Nigerian Tertiary Institutions, whether it is the 4. grading system or the 5. grading system. In this post, we are going to clear the air on this matter and tell you what it truly is.

Maximum Grade Point in CGPA for Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

In 2017, a motion was set that all tertiary institutions will adopt a new grading system, which is the 4. grading system. This came about to make students in Nigerian institutions meet up with a global standard. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out well.

The National Universities Commission announced that all Universities in Nigeria adopt a new grading system as shown in the table below.

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Score (%) Letter Notation Grade Point
100-70 A 4
69-60 B 3
59-50 C 2
49-45 D 1
44-40 E 0

With this new grading system, degrees will be awarded as follows;

  • First-class honours – 4.0-3.5
  • Second class honours (upper division) – 3.49-3.0
  • Second class honours (lower division) – 2.99-2.0
  • Third class honours – 1.99-1.0

Any student with a CGPA less than 1.0 will not be awarded a degree.

Later in October, this new grading system was called to be suspended by the NUC and immediate adoption of the previous grading system was called. The reason for this action remains unknown till date, though, some say it is because the 4. grading system has severe shortcomings as some institutions found it difficult for their students to acquire an average class of degree and the scale also made it easier for students to graduate with first-class honour.

Current Grading System in Nigerian Universities

After this, the grading system returned to as it was before making the Maximum Grade Point in CGPA for Nigerian Tertiary Institutions 5.0 and the grading system as follow

Score (%) Letter Notation Grade Point
100-70 A 5
69-60 B 4
59-50 C 3
49-45 D 2
44-40 E 1
39-0 F 0

* This table will be referred to when calculating the GPA/CGPA

Degrees are awarded as follows

  • First-class honours – 5.0-4.5
  • Second class honours (upper division) – 4.49-3.50
  • Second class honours (lower division) – 3.49-2.40
  • Third class honours – 2.39-1.50
  • Pass degree – 1.49-1.0

Students with CGPA less than 1.0 will not be awarded a degree.

Current Grading System in Nigerian Polytechnics & Monotechnics

The new grading system adopted by the Polytechnics is as follows.

Score (%) Letter Notation
100-75 A
74-70 AB
69-65 B
64-60 BC
59-55 C
54-50 CD
49-45 D
44-40 E
39-0 F


Diplomas are classified in the following way.

  • 50 & above – distinction
  • 00–3.49. – upper Credit
  • 50–2.99. – lower Credit
  • 00–2.49. – pass

Current Grading system in Nigerian Colleges of Education

The grading system used in colleges of education throughout Nigeria is as follows.

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Score (%) Letter Notation Grade Point
100-70 A 5
69-60 B 4
59-50 C 3
49-45 D 2
44-40 E 1
39-0 F 0

Their classification of degrees is

  • Distinction – 5.0-4.5
  • Credit – 4.49-3.50
  • Merit – 3.49-2.40
  • Pass – 2.39-1.50
  • Low pass – 1.49-1.0
  • Fail – 0.99

How to Calculate CGPA

CGPA which means cumulative grade point average is a system employed to calculate the division of your degree, that is, first-class, second class, etc. knowing how to calculate this will put you on track from day one. Before we proceed to teach you this, it is important you know the meaning of some terms.

  • Credit Unit (CU) – a fixed unit for any course.
  • Total Credit Unit (TCU) – the sum of all credit units for courses taken in one semester.
  • Grade Point (GP) – point allocated to each score. A=5 b=4 check the table above for more details.
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) – point earned at the end of every semester.

Now that you know this, let us give you an instance on how to calculate your GPA before proceeding to the CGPA.

To calculate your GPA all you need to do is get the TCU then you multiply your GP by its corresponding CU. That is, if you had a score of 64 in a 3-unit course, you multiply the grade point of 64 which is 4 (refer to the table above) by 3.

After doing this for all the courses taken in the semester, you sum it up then divide it by the TCU. So, if for example, the TCU for the semester is 24 and you were able to achieve a total point of 60, all you do is 60/24 and you get your GPA for that semester.

To calculate your CGPA all you need to do is sum your GPA for each semester and divide it by the sum of the TCU for each semester too.

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