Top 7 Best Math Practice Apps for Kids | CHECK OUT No. 2

Bringing new ideas to students and kid is not just art but Science too. Thoughts like establishing the need to know, framing a content or stimulating curiosity, knowing which student is ready for any content and how you also know is all needed when you want to introduce a kid to a new concept or a new skill (for example, symbolism or multiplying fractions respectively). One of the most effective ways of introducing students to new ideas or concepts is by letting them play with these ideas or concepts. The world today is revolving around technology and with your smartphone or computer you can do literally anything, In this article, we shall be discussing some Math Practice Apps for Kids.

Top 7 Best Math Practice Apps for Kids | CHECK OUT No. 2

Now let’s make a quick illustration, if you, want to teach a kid how to dunk a basketball in a basketball net, you won’t give him tutorial videos on it, instead, you will give the kid a basketball to play with and in the process, with your guide, the kid will know how to dunk. Although it is not as simple in all cases, the point of the illustration is to allow these kids to interact on their own as they will interact with new ideas and make sense out of it. Technology has helped in providing the necessary tools for these kids. Children can now access a lot of practice apps on tablets, iPods and other smartphones. In this article, we will help by providing a list of Math Practice Apps for Kids.

Best Math Practice Apps for Kids

The math practice apps for kids listed below are very good and reliable, most of these apps are free to download and use. So it’s left for users to select any one they like.

1. Prodigy Game

Prodigy Game is free for both Android devices, iOS devices and web platforms. The app allows kids to use games for their classroom activities and homework. The app has inbuilt features that report the progress of the kid and points out the area where the kid is weak.

2. Math Training for Kids

This particular app is for Android phones and it grooms kids on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

3. CK12

CK12 is available to Android, iPad, iPhone windows and web platform. The app constitutes various quizzes, tests and workbooks.

4. Photomath

Photomath is available to Android and iOS devices. It allows you to snap photos of mathematical problems and you will get a step by step solution to the problem.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy contains a wide range of mathematics topics from simple counting to calculus. This app also records the progress of kids and students.

6. GeometryPad

Geometry pad is available to both Android iOS devices. It makes learning and understanding geometry very easy and fun.

7. Brainscape

Flashcards – This app is available to Android and iOS devices. This app is very effective in helping students learn formulae

Conclusion: These are some of the best math practice apps you get. Some of these apps can also be used by students in secondary school and Colleges.


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