15 Happy New Month Prayer to Send Your Fiancee in March

Wishing your Fiancee a Happy New Month prayer in March of 2024 is a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them and hoping for their success and happiness. Besides, a prayer can be a beautiful way to express your love and care for them.

15 Happy New Month Prayer for Your Fiancee in March

Probably, a prayer can bring them peace and good fortune as they embark on a new month. However, these are the new month prayers to send to your Fiancee to enable them to have a positive month.

Prayer of Advancement for your Fiancee in the New Month of March

1. Bright

May the rainbow colours brighten your day, and blessings shine throughout the coming months. Happy New Month Sweetheart.

2. Long life

I pray that you will live a long and good life. Death shall never be your portion, and you shall not die in any way at all. And let him live long enough to fulfil his dreams. Once again, happy birthday, dear.

3. Increase

Happy New Month, sweetheart; I pray that God will continue to give you strength. Once again, I pray that your business will experience a higher profit than last year and more than what you have ever done before lately.

4. Greater Heights

I pray that you shall experience greater heights ahead of you. Also, cheers to beautiful things in your life and cheers to achieving your goals and dreams come true. Happy New Month, dear.

Prayer of positive Mindset for your Fiancee in the New Month of March

5. Courage

It’s my heartfelt prayer that God gives you the courage to fulfil your dreams. Happy New Month to you, dear Fiancée.

6. Pure Heart

As you enter this new month, may God help you keep a pure heart, an unclouded mind and an open soul—Happy new month, baby.

7. Peace

This new month, I pray that it brings you all-around peace. Henceforth, you shall not be troubled no matter the challenges.

8. Faith

I pray you have a wonderful month, and I pray that no matter what happens during this month, you can have faith, trust, and believe in God. However, he will bring you through it. He will get you through it. God is good all the time!

Prayer of Grace and Blessings for your Fiancee in the New month of March

9. Blessings

I pray that in this new month and beyond, God will bless you; bless your family, business, friends, and enemies. Henceforth, all-round blessings shall be your portion. Happy new month, my love.

10. God’s Grace

I’m sure you will have a beautiful month because God’s grace will abound. Happy New Month, my love. Henceforth, my dear Fiancée ensure you keep your prayer life stronger in this new month of March.

11. God’s Favour

May the favour of God manifest in your life. However, you shall be favoured everywhere you go. Whatever you do shall be favoured.

12. Manifestation

In this new month, all your wishes will come true for you, and you will have a reason to be grateful. Happy New Month, my dearest love.

13. Goodness

I pray that in this new month, may God give you goodness in all areas of your life. Fortunately, people far and wide shall be good to you unconditionally. Henceforth, i wish you all the good things for this new month.

14. Triumphant

Continually, you shall triumph in all ramifications. Your name shall be called “Triumphant”. Happy new month, sweetheart.

15. Financial Support

Moreover, if you need financial support to fulfil your dreams and aspirations, please get it in Jesus’ name.


However, wishing your Fiancée a happy new month is a simple yet powerful way to express your love and care for them. Besides, sending a prayer their way can bring them peace, strength, and good fortune.

As you conclude your prayer, remember to wish your Fiancée a month full of joy, health, and abundance. Henceforth, may the coming month be one of the happiest and most prosperous yet.


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