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This informs the public about the Mandela Rhodes Foundation (MRF) Äänit Prize 2023 for Social Impact projects ($80 000 Prize). Details about the Program are given below.

Mandela Rhodes Foundation (MRF) Äänit Prize 2023

About Peter Drucker Challenge Essay Contest 2023

Atherton Mutombwera, Jessica Ronaasen, Koaile Monaheng, and Shantel Marekera are winners of the 2022 Äänit Prize, The Mandela Rhodes Foundation’s award for social impact. The young leaders are from three African countries – South Africa, Lesotho, and Zimbabwe – and will each receive $19 500, or R343 400, towards their ventures.


For alumni

Entrants must be Mandela Rhodes Alumni (any year from 2005 onwards) or Rhodes Scholar Alumni (from 2005 onwards).

Demonstrable impact

Entrants must demonstrate that they are contributing (or will contribute) to one of the below-impact areas in Africa.


Entrants must be founders, co-founders, or members of the executive team of the business or organization which they are entering.

Any model and stage

Non-Profit and For-Profit initiatives are both eligible. Initiatives at different stages of development can apply.

Successful candidates will be expected to stay with their projects for two years from the time of the award.

Mandela Rhodes Foundation (MRF) Äänit Prize 2023 Application

Step 1: Indicate interest (16 May 2023 – 30 May 2023)

Submit a short motivation explaining why your project, business, or idea is socially impactful. Tell us how you plan to realise it and why you’re the perfect person/team that has what it takes to make it happen. Don’t self exclude — we’ve designed this part of the process to make applying quick, easy and approachable.

 Step 2: Wait to be invited to apply

We will review all of the indications of interest and then invite 30 candidates to submit full applications. We will let you know if you are not successful.

 Step 3: Submit your application (9 June 2023 – 10 July 2023)

Submit your application. This will include a written project statement, a project /business plan (maximum of 12 pages) and relevant supporting documents. The 30 applications will be evaluated by reviewers with relevant experience and expertise.

 Step 4: Prepare to pitch

The longlisted candidates will be invited to an interview in the week of 22 August 2023, which will include a short pitch that builds on the value proposition of your written application.

 Step 5: Iterate and improve

The candidates who go through to the final round will receive written comments. They will have 48 hours to improve their proposals and record a two-minute pitch to submit.

 Step 6: Winners decided

The shortlisted candidates’ applications will be sent to an external, independent panel of judges. They will make a final decision on how many winners to choose, and how to allocate the prize money.

The winners will be informed and then announced publicly at a celebration on 16 September 2023.

For those interested in Enterprising Futures Scholarship 2023. Open this link to start the application process.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 30 May 2023.

Open this link for more details about the Mandela Rhodes Foundation (MRF) Äänit Prize 2023.

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