Full List of Accredited Private Monotechnics in Nigeria and their Established Year

This Article would be giving you a Full List Of Accredited Private Monotechnics In Nigeria, so sit back and read through if you are interested. In the education sector, we have Monotechnics, polytechnics, and universities. Out of the three, the Monotechnic is the smallest, which in other words implies that the Monotechnics is inferior to the polytechnics and the universities although they are all tertiary institutions.

Full List of Accredited Private Monotechnics in Nigeria and their Established Year

The main aim of this article is to give you a full list of all accredited private monotechnics in Nigeria, although we will also be giving you a full understanding of what Monotechnic is all about and the difference between monotechnics and other institutions. Just like the polytechnics and universities, the Monotechnics is divided into the federal monotechnics which is owned by the federal government, the state monotechnics which is owned by the state government and the private monotechnics which is owned by private entities or individual.

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List of Accredited Private Monotechnics in Nigeria

As said above the full list of the private Monotechnics in Nigeria would be listed out in a simplified and accurate form. Below are the list of all private Monotechnics in Nigeria and their respective year of establishment and state where they are situated;

1. Nigeria Institute of Journalism Lagos 1963
2. Wavecrest College of Catering Lagos




The above is the full list of all the private monotechnics that are established in Nigeria, for all students who have found an incentive to study in the private monotechnics in Nigeria, we have listed out the private monotechnics in Nigeria to your maximum advantage.

What Is A Monotechnic?

Most students always find the incentive to know the meaning of what Mnotechnic is, as the name implies Mono means one then the addition of technical makes the whole meaning of monotechnics. A monotechnics is an institution where one technical course is taught, it is an institution where just one technical course is been offered to students. In the monotechnics, students are been accredited for just one technical course, this is the major reason why it is called monotechnics.

What Is The Difference Between Monotechnics And Polytechnics

It is of high importance to know that there is a major difference between the monotechnics and the other tertiary institutions. As said above in the meaning and definition of monotechnics, in Monotechnics one technical course is been specialized in, but for other tertiary institutions like Polytechnics and Universities, they specialize more than one technical course.

Although they both need accreditation to admit students for the technical course, the number of courses they can offer differentiates them from each other. The polytechnics and monotechnics are both gateways to higher institutions and both require accreditation from the NBTE, but the monotechnics are not as popular and are not widely known unlike the polytechnics and universities

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