LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 2020 for Young Nigerians | APPLY NOW

Applications are currently in welcomed for the 2020 LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest. Details about the contest requirements and how to apply are given below.

LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 2020 for Young Nigerians | APPLY NOW

About the 2020 LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 

The LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 2020  gives young people a unique chance to tell their personal stories of the Nigerian Independence. Big Naija Independence contest by Legit.ng is geared towards the spotting of young talented students passionate about journalism. It is a great opportunity for you to get your story heard.

Benefits of the Programme

Winners are entitled to some certain benefits and privileges, the benefits are listed below;

  • 3 winners get a prize of 115 000 ₦, 75 000 ₦ and 38 000 ₦ respectively to invest in their studies and professional growth.
  • Winners will have a chance to visit Legit.ng office meets our team and holds a conversation with Legit.ng’s Managing Director, Goke Olaegbe.
  • The most original and interesting essays will be published at Legit.ng

Essay Categories for the LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 2020

The essay for the LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 2020 is  divided into three categories, the categories are listed below;

1. Your personal contribution

A true story on how you personally help your country to develop which could be on your education achievements or any other deeds that in your opinion help to improve the lives of Nigerian citizens, the atmosphere in your community or country in general. Please, you are to show how your report improves the wider situation, not just your own experience

2. Lessons learned since 1960

An article on an event that had a major impact on the social, economic, cultural or any other important spheres in Nigerian society. You can consider both positive and negative aspects of it, but ensure it is related to present times. Try using a retrospective approach for showing how it can help in perspective.

3. Role of women

As the role of women has been undermined for quite long, it is time to unveil how women helped to build independence in Nigeria during these 60 years. Give an example of women’s achievements and their unique influence on Big Naija Independence

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants should please take note of the following;

  • The essay must be 400-1000 words in length, contain the main heading and several subheadings;
  • Each individual can submit a maximum of 1 essay;
  • All essays must be submitted in .doc or .docx format, other formats will not be accepted;
  • Only original, unique and written from scratch essays will be considered;
  • Read the Competition Terms and Conditions to find out more.
  • Publishing an essay on your University’s website with a link to Legit.ng might be considered as an advantage in case applicants have the same scores.

Application Process

To apply for the  LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 2020, all applicants are to apply clicking on this link

Application Deadline

November 21, 2020.

Follow this link for more details about the LegitNg Big Naija Independence Contest 2020 for Young Nigerians

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