Latest Information on the Upcoming 2021 JAMB CBT Examination | CHECK NOW

Are you registering for JAMB this 2021? Then you will need to know all the latest information on this year’s JAMB CBT exam. The joint admission matriculation board which is popularly known as jamb has given its candidate a lot of different information concerning the jamb examination.

Latest Information on the Upcoming 2021 JAMB CBT Examination | CHECK NOW

Latest Information on 2021 JAMB CBT Examination

The sales of the JAMB 2020 is going to hold from 8TH OF APRIL 2021 TO 15TH OF MAY 2021. The date for the MOCK examination shall be from 30th April 2021. Lastly, the examination is going to start on Saturday, 5th June 2021 and end on Saturday, 19th June 2021.

Also, the JAMB has scraped the use of email address by candidates for 2021 UTME/DE registration.

Note: It is highly recommended for you to carry out your registration and access jamb many services in any of its seven hundred and eighteen (718) accredited centres.

2021 JAMB CBT Exam General Instructions

If this is your first time registering for jamb hear are the general instructions to know so as to not make a rooky mistake.

  • The registration fee is not more than three thousand five hundred (3,500) with an additional cost of five hundred to get the prescribed reading text. The fee is twenty dollars for the eight foreign countries.
  • A CD containing the Jamb e-syllabus, e-brochure, and any other vital information will be given to you.
  • Your Epin is tied to your profile and it cannot be transferred.
  • You are also advised to keep your security details such as passwords private and confidential.

No centre is allowed to accept our request for your security details.

NIN for JAMB Candidates

At the beginning of registration, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board announced that all candidates who are to sit for the exam should get NIN. Now it has been announced that you can apply without having NIN though for the next year using NIN for the exam will be continued. Those who will want to sit for the exam should get their NIN available.

What to Know When Registering for JAMB

Whether you are new to jamb or not here are what to know when registering for Jamb.

  • You must have a personal email address if you don’t create one.
  • Have a mobile number.
  • Create your jamb profiles.
  • Know your profile code.
  • You must know the approved centres to purchase your Epin.
  • Know the accredited centres in your area.
  • Make sure your prescribed reading text, brochure, and e-syllabus are given to you.
  • Know the amount for your jamb form so as to not be extorted.

Method of Payment or Procurement of ePins for Registration

Here are several methods of procurement or payments for an ePin for registration.

  • Using banks as payment method microfinance banks included.
  • Payment through POS which is available at state offices of Jamb, CBT centres, POS outlets and other CBT centres that demands it
  • Through mobile money operators.
  • You can also pay through ATMs.
  • Pay through online payment on the Jamb portal.
  • You can also use USSD as a payment method.

How to Recover Lost Epin

Have you paid for your Epin and you have misplaced it. Here is how to recover it for either UTME or DE. To recover it simply send UTMEPIN or DEPIN to 55019 for your UTME and DE respectively. It will be sent to you immediately.

After successfully retrieving your pin visit any of the accredited centres to complete your registration.


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