10 of the Best Job Titles for Bloggers (Top Blogging Job Descriptions to Use)

Are you a blogger? Then you should know that it doesn’t take much to set up a blog and it is so much easier to brand yourself as a blogger but it takes certain skills to grow a credible blog that readers want to always return to, to get updated. It also takes unique skills to develop a blog that brands want to work with and that is where this content comes into the picture to give you 10 Job Titles for Bloggers.

Blogging is pretty much everywhere now. Yeah, they are lots of Job Titles that Bloggers can use to describe what they do. The concept of blogging is no longer a niche online community but a global phenomenon. Bloggers are now everywhere from television adverts to broadsheet newspapers. Bloggers wear many hats so that they can get their final content published. Blogging is now a very competitive game, so you can be the best, you need to learn the unique skills and nail every aspect.

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Top Ten Job Titles for Bloggers

Listed below are 10 Job titles for Bloggers that can be used to describe Blogging as a whole.

1. Photographer

To be a very good blogger, you need to master the photography act. You can transform a blog from being average or ordinary to being splendid with very good photography. Bloggers can enhance the impact of what they are saying through the uploading of compelling images on their website. It is possible to spend hours trying to come up with the perfect picture for your site. Bloggers can be done to be the best because of their distinctive style in photography.

2. Influencer

if you have a very well recognized blog, it also means you have loyal readers who see your site as a trusted forum to get updated information and inspiration. This is where your role as an influencer comes in. it is your responsibility to manage your community of readers by engaging them and responding to them. You have to be crystal clear about what you do and how you do it.

3. Social Media Manager

social media is the platform for you as a blogger to promote traffic to your blog and increase your reach to engage a new audience. You should use social media to your advantage and be on top of emerging platforms and trends if you want to be a top blogger. there is no guide to being good at this just remember to always stay ahead of the game.

4. Head of Business Development

you are in charge of your own blog and that makes you in charge of its development as well. The bigger your blog the more people will approach you. You should learn how to be a confident networker. It is important to also learn how to sell yourself, the more contacts you have the more opportunities that will come your way.

5. Writer

to be a blogger, you need to be a writer, and to be a writer you need to love writing. As a blogger, you need to effectively communicate the person, place, process, and product you are talking about through your writing. Bloggers need to have the ability to bring together sentences that will engage readers from the top to the bottom of the article. You need to take seriously editing posts and also proofreading.

6. Author

you created the blog and that makes you the composer as well giving you ownership to your blog.

7. Graphic designer

learn to make your own banners, buttons, and social media profiles to suit the theme of your blog.

8. Curator

this is a very good job title for bloggers. While giving your title a little freedom, it accurately describes what you do. after picking out a topic you can design images to go along.

9. Editor

the editor gives more light on what you do for your blog.  As the author, you also manage all other aspects of the job.

10. Web designer

bloggers need to know how to choose the right design for their websites. You can choose from ready-made templates or completely custom-built designs. You can also evolve an already existing platform and make it yours. Have a good understanding of website navigation and details whatever the case may be.

These are the ten job titles for bloggers to make your website, the best and be in the market for a very long time. there may be more jobs, but so far these are the ones I have seen and am sure of.

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