JAMB Syllabus for 2021 French CBT Exam (Jamb.org.ng) | CHECK NOW

JAMB Syllabus is available for all subjects and students who would be taking this examination should prepare with them. This is because it contains topics that would guide them while reading for their exams. The JAMB Syllabus for French would be very useful for students who will be writing this subject.

JAMB Syllabus for 2021 French CBT Exam (Jamb.org.ng) | CHECK NOW

This is among the method that students could use to achieve a higher score in their examination as it contains topics that questions in JAMB would come from. This article will tell you what you need to know about the JAMB Syllabus. It would also bring the JAMB Syllabus for French and the recommended Textbook.

What is JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Syllabus

The JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Syllabus is a document that contains topics that students are expected to cover while preparing for their exams. The questions you would find in your examination would come from these topics.

Objectives are also in each of the topics and your role is to read in line with them as they would help in a lot of ways. This is because the objectives contain certain key points that you would have to focus your attention on.

JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Syllabus for French

The JAMB Syllabus for French contains topics that questions in the examination would come from. The purpose is to help students assess written comprehension in French and apply the principles governing the structure and use of written French. Each of the topics in the syllabus contains objectives.

Students are expected to study the topics with the objectives as it would aid their understanding and it would have them note the Key points. To get the JAMB Syllabus for French click this link.

Recommended Textbooks

Candidates should also use the recommended textbooks to prepare for their exams as not all of them contains accurate information. Check the list below to see the textbooks

  1. Written Language

  2. Companion to French Grammar (4th Edition) by Ajiboye, T. (2014).

  3. Nouvel Horizon, Book 4, New Revised Edition by Ajiboye, T. (2012).

  4. A Comprehensive French Grammar by Byrne and Churchill (1980).

  5. Le Nouveau Bescherelle: L’Art de Conjuguer by Hatier (1980).

  6. Grammaire progressive du français (Niveau, Paris: Clé intermediaire) by Maice, G et Merlo, G: (1998).

  7. On y va! Book 3 by Mazauric,. C, et Sirejols, E (2006).

  8. A Comprehensive Revision Handbook of French Grammar by Ojo, S. A. (2000).

  9. Any other relevant materials on French Grammar.

  10. Oral

  11. An Introduction to Practice in Oral French by Ajiboye, T. (2010).

  12. Initiation à la Prononciation du Français Standard by Leon, M. (1978).

  13. Any other materials that emphasize oral practice.

  14. Culture of Francophone Countries

  15. Comment vivent les Français by Girod R and Grand-Clement, F. (1979).

  16. French Essays on Culture and Civilisation for Schools and Colleges by Mbuko, L. (2000).

  17. Any other relevant materials, e.g., French newspapers, magazines, journals, and documents on Francophone life.

  18. Dictionary

Any good French/English or French dictionary.

These are the textbooks students are recommended to use alongside the JAMB Syllabus for French.


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