JAMB Office in Lagos State Nigeria; Location & Time Open

Do you have any problems relating to JAMB regarding registration, validation, or admission? If you are, you must visit the JAMB Office in Lagos State to assist you with the problem.

JAMB Office in Lagos State Nigeria 2024

This article provides everything about this headquarters in Lagos, such as the branch level, the location, the working times and hours, the contact details and the nearest JAMB Office close to you.

What is the Level of the JAMB Office Branch in Lagos State

It is a JAMB National Headquarters Annex Office in the Southwestern, directed by Mr. Biliaminu Shitu. It operates at a state level, handling matters related to registration, admissions and examinations within the state.

What is the Location of the JAMB Office in Lagos State

The details you need to locate this office are as follows;

  • House Number 

The house number of the office is 11 

  • Street/Close/Road Name 

The road that this office is situated is at Ojora Road, Ikoyi. 

  • City Name  

It is in Lagos city, Lagos. 

Complete Address of the JAMB Office in Lagos State

The full address of the site is;

JAMB National Headquarters
Annex Office
11 Ojora Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
P.M.B. 12748,
Lagos State.

What Time Does the JAMB Office in Lagos State Operate

The JAMB Office has working times and hours to be open and closed, which are;

  • Opening Days

The JAMB Office is open to students or candidates with complaints or problems from Monday to Friday. They won’t be available on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). In Addition, the office doesn’t work on public holidays, so if there is a public holiday during the week, they may not attend to any students. 

  • Opening Hours

The JAMB Office officially opens by 8 AM. Students/candidates will be permitted to enter the office accordingly. The officials of JAMB will handle and resolve all student issues and complaints. Above all, it is advisable to go there early as there might be many crowds.

  • Closing Time

The JAMB Offices officially close by 4 PM. Once it’s time or almost time, students won’t be allowed to enter the office. Instead, the JAMB Officials will allocate new dates and times to visit again. Ensure you are there early so you can leave early.

How Can I Contact the JAMB Office in Lagos State

These are the following ways you can contact the JAMB Office if you have problems or complaints.

  • Phone Number

The official Lagos JAMB office phone number to call is;

Telephone: 0700-JAMB-ZLG, 0700-5262-954

  • Customer Care

You can call the number below to contact the official JAMB Customer Care.

Telephone: +2348166335513, +2348123658955

  • Official Email Address

The official Email address for addressing all issues and complaints is;

Email: lagos@jamb.gov.ng

  • JAMB Office Website

The official JAMB website is www.jamb.gov.ng

Other JAMB Office Near Me (Close to Lagos State)

The nearest UTME offices close to Lagos State that can solve your JAMB complaints or issues on admission or registration are the neighbouring states, Ogun and Benin states. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

What is the JAMB Office?

JAMB Office, known as the Joint Admission Matriculation Board office, is a government agency created to regulate students’ registration, validation, and admission process into Nigerian tertiary institutions. It handles, coordinates, and approves the United Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) affairs, administration, and complaints. 

How Many JAMB Offices Are in Lagos?

There is only one JAMB Office in Lagos State, one of the National Headquarters in Southwestern Nigeria. There are 67 JAMB CBT Approved Centres that could assist students regarding registration and other minor issues.

Is the JAMB Office in Lagos Open Now?

It depends on the time and day. The JAMB Office operates from 8 AM to 4 PM on weekdays (Monday to Friday). So, during these hours, the students will be attended to by the JAMB Officials. However, it may not be open to students on weekends or public holidays.

Will the JAMB Office in Lagos be Open Tomorrow?

The JAMB Office are open from Monday to Friday, and their working hours are from 8 AM to 4 PM, so if you plan on going there, ensure you are going there during weekdays and within their working hours.

Is the JAMB Office in Lagos Open on Saturday?

No, the JAMB Office doesn’t open on Saturdays; they are available during weekdays (Monday to Friday) only, so if you plan on going to the JAMB Office on Saturdays or Sundays, the officials may not attend to you. 

When Is the JAMB Office closed in Lagos State?

The JAMB office closes by 4 PM on weekdays (Monday – Friday). So once it is time, The officials won’t be able to attend to students anymore. Instead, they will indicate another time for the students to come. 

Where is the JAMB Office Located in Lagos State?

The JAMB Office is at 11 Ojora Road, Ikoyi, P.M.B. 12748, Lagos, Lagos State.

How do you locate the JAMB Office in Lagos State?

Locating this JAMB office is not hard, as it is based on Ojora Road, and the office has a signboard outside the place for easy identification. However, if you still have issues locating this place, ask people who have attended this office for a better description or use Google Maps

How to Get to the JAMB Office in Lagos State?

It depends on your location. You can get there by bus, car, or bike. You can take any of the transportation modes mentioned, but it varies depending on your location. It is advisable to go by car or order a ride.

Can I Go to the JAMB Office in Lagos Without an Appointment?

Yeah, of course, whether you booked an appointment or not. The JAMB Officials will attend to you and resolve any complaints or issues you have. However, if it’s almost closing time or the office is going through other errors, they might allocate another time and day for you to return. 

Can I go to the JAMB Office in Lagos for My Profile Code?

Of course, You can go there for your profile code if you have issues receiving it on your phone. You can go there and explain what’s wrong. They will solve it all. In addition, the JAMB Office will process and issue your code to your line.

Can I go to the JAMB office in Lagos on Saturday?

No, the JAMB Office won’t be available on Saturday. They only operate on weekdays, from Monday to Friday—excluding Saturdays and Sundays. It has been JAMB rules and tradition to only open on weekdays. So, the JAMB officials may not attend to you on Saturdays.


In summary, we have explained everything about this JAMB Office in Lagos. With all this information, you should not have issues locating this headquarters. In addition, to avoid delays and time-wasting there, it is advisable to go there early so you can leave early also.


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