JAMB Office in Abia State Nigeria; Location & Time Open

As a parent or student, are you having difficulties finding the location of the JAMB office in Abia State? Indeed, you are in the right place to get all the information that will enable you to quickly locate the Jamb office and note the time and days they operate.

JAMB Office in Abia State Nigeria; Location & Time Open

However, the office will help serve the needs of students and parents willing to register their kids for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board examination in Abia State. The staff at the office are dedicated to assisting students in the state with their educational needs. Below is the information you need to know about the office.

JAMB Office Abia State Branch Level

This branch is among the notable JAMB State Offices in the Southeast region of Nigeria. Also, the Zonal director is Mr Achunine C. Adindu.

JAMB Office Location in Abia State

You will surely get all the information regarding the location of this office in Abia. Moreover, these will include the house number, the street/close/road and the city name.

  • House Number

There is no house number on the Jamb official website for the Abia State JAMB office. However, the office is easy to locate if you pay attention to the other and essential address details.

  • Street/Close/Road Name

You can reach the JAMB office through the port Harcourt – Enugu expressway in Umuahia. The road is well-known and easy to find, so you should have no trouble locating the office.

  • City Name

To quickly find the JAMB office in Abia State, the name of the city where the office is situated is Umuahia. Besides, Umuahia is the capital of the State.

Complete Address of the JAMB Office in Abia State

The full address of the office is;

JAMB State Office,
Ubakala, Ubakala Junction,
Port Harcourt – Enugu Express way,
Abia State

So, you can carefully read through to understand the address leading you to the JAMB office.

JAMB Office Working Time in Abia State

It is indeed essential for you to note the days on which you can visit the JAMB office in Abia State. However, knowing when they open and close is very important, too, to understand how to plan your timing.

  • Opening Days

If you plan to visit the JAMB office in Abia State for any enquiry or complaint, make sure you go during the week. And what this implies is that you should go between Monday to Friday.

  • Opening Hours

The opening hours of the JAMB Office in Abia state are 9 am for its proper functioning for the day. So be on time if you have an appointment in their office.

  • Closing Time

Once it’s 5 pm, all workers at the JAMB office call it a day. However, this means that their closing time is 5 pm.

JAMB Office in Abia State Contact Details

We will be helping you out on the surest way to reach out to the office in Abia state. Moreover, you can use their emails, phone numbers or even a valid customer care line.

  • Phone Number

You can contact the JAMB office in Abia using Telephone: 0700-5262-224

  • Customer Care

The customer care service line is 0700-JAMB-ZLG and 0700-5262-954.

  • Email Address

This is the email address of the JAMB office Email: abia@jamb.gov.ng. However, this is for their office in Abia State.

Other JAMB Office Near Me (Close to Abia State)

Since only one official JAMB office in Abia State exists, you can enquire from one of their accredited Neighbouring South East States offices. However, these states include Ebonyi, Imo and Anambra.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions by different people.

What is the JAMB Office?

JAMB office is the “JOINT ADMISSIONS AND MATRICULATION BOARD” office. However, it is an office whose complete duties are based on anything relating to the JAMB examination processes, including registration and examination purposes.

How Many JAMB offices are in Abia?

There is only one assigned JAMB office in Abia State and over 20 accredited Centers. So, you have in mind that you are to visit only the official address of this branch office.

Is the JAMB Office in Abia Open Now?

Yes, it is undoubtedly open to your services during the weekdays from Monday to Friday except during public holidays. So make sure you know the accurate time they operate.

What Time Does the JAMB Office Open in Abia State?

If you plan to visit the Jamb office in Abia state, you should know they open at 9 am and are ready to render services to you.

Will the JAMB Office Open Today?

Indeed, as far as it is during the week and their working hours, you can work in to make your enquiry or make a complaint if you are going there any day from Monday to Friday.

Will the JAMB Office Open Tomorrow?

Provided it is not on a weekend or public holiday, they will surely attend to your needs when they are open.

Is the JAMB Office Open on Saturday?

No, the office is closed and does not operate on Saturday. So you have to fix a schedule to visit their office any day from Monday to Friday.

When Does the JAMB Office Close in Abia State?

To be on track and be attended to, make sure you visit the JAMB office before their closing hour, which is 5 pm.

Where is the JAMB Office Located in Abia State?

Its location is at Ubakala, Ubakala Junction, Port Harcourt – Enugu Expressway, Umuahia, Abia State. So make sure to follow a suitable path leading to this location.

How Do You Locate the JAMB Office in Abia State?

You can quickly get to the port Harcourt – Enugu Expressway in Umuahia from your location. And with your address and map, you will surely get the correct location of the JAMB office.

How to Get to the Office in Abia State?

Use your map or bus stop close to you that leads to this address: Ubakala Junction, Port Harcourt – Enugu Expressway, Umuahia, Abia State.

Can I Go to the JAMB Office Without an Appointment?

JAMB has stated that candidates wishing to visit any of its offices nationwide for any JAMB services or enquiries may have to book an appointment before coming. Hence, JAMB has introduced the JAMB Appointment Booking Platform.

Can I Go to the JAMB Office for My Profile Code?

You can go there for your profile code if you have issues receiving it on your phone. You can go there and explain what’s wrong. They will solve it all. In addition, the JAMB Office will receive Your complaint and provide You with the best possible solution.

Can I Go to the JAMB office on Saturday?

You can go there on Saturday. If you have booked an appointment with them, remember they do not open on Saturdays because it’s the weekend.


Finally, the office in Abia State is proud to serve its community and looks forward to continuing to do so. And the JAMB Office will appreciate you if you effectively follow all their instructions and guidelines to avoid issues.


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