JAMB Admission Calculator 2022: Calculate Your Average Score & Know Your Chances of Securing Admission

There are several methods that students can use to calculate their admission when trying to carry out this process. whereas, you would need to make sure that you score high in JAMB to stand a chance in securing admission. The JAMB Admission Calculator will be provided for students who would want to know how their admission is calculated.

JAMB Admission Calculator for 2022/2023 Session

Some school normally uses the O’level result while some don’t so you would calculate it depending on your institutions. There are screening systems available for each of the schools whereas most of them use the 50/50 grading system.

This content will tell you what you need to know about the JAMB Admission Calculator. It would also provide the steps on how to calculate admission status.

What You Need to Know About the JAMB Admission Calculator

JAMB Admission Calculator which is also called a point system is a means that students can use to calculate their admission aggregate score. Yeah, with the aid of this, students would have a clue about how their admission is calculated.

Candidates who would be taking the JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) or already took this exam are to use this point to calculate their grades. Whereas you would need to note the point carefully.

JAMB Admission Calculator Using O’Level Result

The JAMB Admission Calculator normally use two methods which and one of them is using the O’Level Results. O’level results are WAEC (West African Examination Council) or NECO (National Examination Council). If candidates get their credits in just one sitting, they would be awarded 10 points while two is 3. But this is only applicable to schools that do not write the Post-UTME examination.

Grades in O’level examination are calculated as

  • A = 6
  • B = 4
  • C = 3
  • D = 0
  • E = 0
  • F = 0

Candidates are to calculate this their result using this point and to calculate their total aggregate score, follow the steps below

  • Divide your JAMB score by 8
  • Calculate your credits in WAEC score according to your grades
  • Sum up scores (JAMB + WAEC points)

With this, you have successfully calculated your aggregate score and you are advised to make all your grades in just one sitting.

JAMB Admission Calculator Using Post-UTME

This is another method that students can use to calculate their admission but this one is with the use of the Post-UTME examination. Your O’level grade would not reflect on your total score whereas you would need at least five credits in WAEC or NECO. You are advised to score very high in JAMB and also in your Post-UTME examination.

Schools that are using the Post-UTME examination are the ones that normally adopt this method. So it is expected from candidates that they pass the university examination. To calculate your admission, follow the steps below

  • To begin you would have to divide your JAMB score by 8. That means if you have 220 in your JAMB examination, it would be 220 divided by 8
  • Add up scores (JAMB Score + Post UTME)
  • Divide the total score by 2

Results from this calculation would be your total aggregate score. So, you can use any of these two methods as your JAMB Admission Calculator.